Sunday, November 10, 2013

Gyaru Fashion @ an Reasonable Price

For gals who are just starting out and who are fresh and new to the gal world or who are just teens, kogal type is one of the easiest fashions for you to play with, however purchasing some of the main staples, the actual school uniform, can be quite pricey these days. Instead of looking on ebay for a uniform that costs you your whole fourtune, check out Cosmates has everything from anime cos, lolita, school uniforms, to even casual clothes that look very gal like, so cosmates, isn't just a cosplay store. For those who have to go back to school in August, or are looking for a reasonably priced uniform to rock at your next gyaru me2, this store is perfect for you. To good to be true? Check out some of the gal inspired uniforms that are on sale now.

The high school girl summer uniform in pink is perfect for any gal and includes everything, excluding the socks and shoes.  The whole outfit is priced at only $33 and is available in medium only. 


What I like about this uniform is that its very realistic to what you would see a gal wear in school in Japan. This style is also only $33 and is only in medium.

Another realistic uniform that is $30 and is only in stock in medium right now. The whole outfit is included.

When I looked at this one, I fell head over heels in love with it. The price is very reasonable and cheap, just like its counterparts. $27 in medium only.

costume410 Deep Pink Size M *In Stock*

As you can see, this style comes in a variety of colors and is the classic sailor fuku style uniform. This one is $31 and comes from XS-2L.

Similar uni, but the colors are very vivid and the price is reasonable. This style is only available in large and medium and its only $26

Staples, Staples, Staples!
Well, thats just some of what you can get, but you need plenty more to complete the gal look! Cosmates carries so much more!
Is that a school bag I see? Yep, it sure is, and it is waaaaayyy uber cheap and reasonably priced just for you! bags for school go for $12-13 here. Better than going into the hundreds, right?
Deco nails are also a must have for gals, and luckily here, they go for only $7. 
Okay gals I'll be perfectly honest with you. Wigs here go a little bit more, but they are cheaper than anywhere else I've seen. This gal like wig goes for $13 only and comes in the colors shown above. 
This Tsubasa like wig is also $13 and is available in the following colors above. I luv this one!
This one goes for only 13 bucks and is so cute! I love the colors available!
If you want to go short for a day without cutting your actual hair, this is perfect and the two tones are so adorable. The price $13.
Well there you go! There are just some of what Cosmates has to offer, and there is so much more! Just check out the site and find your unique outfit to wear, I certainly will! 
Good luck, and tell them the International Baby Doll Sent you!