Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Must Have Purikura Apps

Hello Dollies! 

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Regardless if your a seasoned gal or just getting into the gyaru trend, Purikura is a must have for every gal to experience at least once in her lifetime. What is Purikura you ask? Purikura (translates to Print Club), is a popular booming trend among all the teens and young adults in Japan, as well as in East Asia in general. It's a booth where you can take quick photos and customize them to your own desire, from making your eyes look wider, to making your skin look wider. Lucky me, I've experienced Purikura for the first time last Summer at a local mall, and just recently last weekend when I payed a visit to Greens Point Mall, took some more pix. But when I'm dressed nicely and in for a quick photo session, I always grab my phone, take a quick snap, and edit my photos puri style! On my phone, there are so many puri editing apps, offering a variety of options for me to choose from, but which app do I favor the most?  Here are some of the apps that I believe are a must have for all gals to download, and you know what makes them all even better? They're free of charge!

SBY Camera 

In Japanese, SBY stands for Super Brilliant Yabi, and to me SBY is absoulutly brill! Made especially for gals, SBY offers many cute and fun options as well as sticker to help you edit any photo of your choice. This is the first puri app that I've ever downloaded on my android tablet, and for those who are just beginning, this is perfect.  The only problem that I've encountered using SBY on my phone is that it constantly forces close, but other than that, it works perfectly on my tablet. SBY can be downloaded on android, as well as iphone devices and is offered through, google play, as well as amazon.

Photo using the eye widening, small face, and  whitening effect.

What I love about Lopicca is that it offers pretty much the same options that you'd use in a Japanese Purikura machine. I like that the options are very flashy and kawaii, and that it works on all skin colors perfectly, including African American skin. Mostly when I do purikura, I often come out darker than I am, or I look washed out with others, but with Lopicca, I look fine, and can use the same exact options as everyone else. Lopicca is not offered on Google Play store, but if you encounter problems downloading, try using 1mobile Market which is free to download on all devices, and there you can find even more gal related applications.

What's the most popularly used app in the Gal community? Girl's Camera is! With the cutest options and more frames to choose from, this is the perfect app to use if you are bored and would like to have a little fun on that next car trip of yours. At first, I encountered some problems using it when I first downloaded it, but now I no longer do (unless there is no wifi in the area). Unlike most apps, this one does require internet connection to be used to the full, otherwise, there won't be many options open to you. 

Well, that's all I have on my phone now. Pretty soon, I will do another update on Deco Pic, another Purikura app that I'm now downloading on my phone. Can't wait to see how it works, but until then, Ciao!