Sunday, November 10, 2013

How Gyaru all Began!

Gyaru fashion has gained a large follow worldwide, but how, where, and when did this fad begin? Right here in the United States of America in the Valleys of California! Yes, gal fashion began in the eighties by ditzy, spoiled, airheads who created the words like "whatever," "way", "As if", and the popular saying that most teens today can't form a sentence without, "like!"  These materialistic California girls are well known as Valley Girls. V-Gals have many similarities to gyaru. Like how gyaru have gyaru moji, the Valley girls have Valspeek, their own adaption of the english  language.  In the late 80's, the Valley girl subculture has spread across the united states and had gotten so popular to the point that they were even Valley Girl characters in movies/ television shows! The photo above features a screenshot of the of the 1980's film Valley Girl, which was about, you guessed it, Valley Girls in the Valleys of California. In the movie, many of the popular 80's classics hits were introduced into the film, making the soundtrack very popular.  One popular group, the Bangles even appeared in the film! How cool is that?


Essex Girls
While the Valley Girl style took the United States by storm, in the United Kingdom, the Essex Girl was doing the same. The Essex girl is similar to both gal and V-Gal style with they're promiscuniscimity and ditzy like personalities. They spoke with an Estuary English accent (which I don't know what that sounds like), wore stiletto heels, peroxide blonde hair, and the indulgent use of fake tan, making them look orange. (sound familiar gals?)  Instead of having their own lango, they were very vulgar in the way they talked, and socialized at nightclubs or raves, (deja vu? I've seen this before! Lol!) Like how gals have their own male counterpart, so do Essex. They call them Essex men!

Bobby Soxer

Taking a trip in time back to the 1940's where it all began, the Bobby Soxers was the rage. They were fashionable adolesent girls from the age of twelve to twenty five who wore poodle skirts and wore their socks rolled down to their ankles. Since it was awhile back, they didn't have any slang as I know of, but they did create one thing, The Sock Hop!

Fresa Girls

Fresa, which in Spanish literally means "strawberry", is the Mexican equvilent to the Japanese Gal, British Essex Girl, and American Valley Girl. The ages range from the ages of 13 to 20 on average and are described to be the lifestyles of being young, rich, and popular. Most girls who consider themselves Fresas are really not and are just posing, while real Fresas don't even know that they are Fresas themselves and consider their way of life to be completely normal. Girls who attend upper class schools and/or have wealthy parents are most likely Fresas. Like the others, Fresas speak with a totally different accent from the traditional slow pitched Mexican accent (faked), with proper speech, a different tone, and a somewhat "Proper" Vocab. Fresa's clothing brands of choice are often mainstream (Hollister, Dolce and Gabbana,etc.), and could be found easily at a mall or shopping center, always cashing out with a card instead of cold hard cash.  Like gals do, they have circles and most of them have little or no knowlede of what  happens outside. Girls within the circles don't call themselves fresas since they donot consider themselves as such and only consider their lifestyle fresa. Outside these circles it is an insult to be called a fresa and like how gals used to be, they are abhored by most people.

And that's how the gal came to be! By take some things from different cultures, they formed one unique subculture. The subculture that still is widely popular til this day! What a very unique history....