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Japanese Winter Fashion Update: Gyaru

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 As we all bid farewell to Summer, we wave hello to the frosty fall and upcoming winter. Depending on some of the area you reside in, clothes that you've wore in the Summer, are totally out of season! For Fall 2013, the classic patterns hounds tooth and plaid are in, but what's in style over in the States, may be different in the Japanese alternative fashion world. In this edition of Fashion Update, I'll show you whats in style for Fall and winter in gyaru fashion.

Gyaru (GAL) Fashion

When gal fashion began, it was an outrageous style that eventually became an lifestyle. Most gals were frowned upon in Japanese society, being referred to as "rebels", due to standing out in society as well as not sticking to Japan's vision of beauty. As years went on, the before disgraced subculture eventually gained its acceptance in society as well as gaining an international following. Now in 2013, Gyaru fashion is becoming more main stream in Japanese fashion world, and seems like almost anyone, with a little effort, can be considered gal.

Here is a brief before and after of how gyaru transformed throughout the years.

Kogal 2000

kogal2.jpg (443×500)

Kogal 2013
Where has the uni gone?
The term kogal, no longer means a certain fashion, but literally means a gal in high school, and is not required to wear a uniform.  So the term kogal is rarely used in the gal community.

gyaru.jpg (355×400)

Ganguro 90's-2000

ganguru_fashion4.jpg (409×500)

Ganguro 2013

The new stylized version of ganguro is now called kuro and is less outrageous than the original style. The original style ganguro is still followed by some gals, mostly international, but the Japanese society now considers this style absolutely dead as a whole.

gyaru2.jpg (948×520)
Black Diamond gyaru-sa members 2013

Gyaru-Kei 2013

Now that you've seen how gal fashion evolved over the years, let's see whats in style for fall in Shibuya shall we?

fall2013-gyaru-joeutie-3trends.jpg (700×732)

Remember when I said that Gal has become more mainstream and less outrageous in some catagories? Here is a perfect example! This Street grungy skater style makes plaid edgy and fun along with the distressed mini jean making it a cute, American style combo. BTW, love the hat!

Where to shop?

To shop for this street style, try shopping at Foreign Exchange, or Body Central in the U.S. Depending on the season, they may just have what you're looking for!

999615_590321737702000_484545776_n.jpg (960×540)

Rock plaid on your nails too and add kawaii deco to make them adorably cute!

Screen+Shot+2013-04-17+at+10.34.51+PM.png (648×840)

From the popular english gyaru online mag, Gal VIP, here is a quick and easy make up tutorial for you to follow!

Okay, that's all for this fashion update! Keep an eye out for the following articles to be released:

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