Sunday, November 10, 2013

Japan's New Music Genre: Fusion Metal

Metal and Pop are two different types of music styles with very different fan followings, but is it possible for the two to be combined? Well Japan has combined the music genres under Toy Factory Music Label in 2010 and the young all girl group is still going strong. They simply call this group, BABY METAL, and are now have an international fan following with their unique style of music. The young metal singer in AGT this year has no comparison to what Baby Metal can do. For those who are fans of Jpop idol music like AKB48, or for the headbangers Versailles or SuG, you'll definitely find a place in your heart for them. Below is their first single that was released online on Youtube featuring Moa Metal, Su Metal, and Yui Metal. I hope you enjoy, and welcome to the world of Japanese fusion pop-Metal music.