Monday, November 11, 2013

Heroes of Cosplay

okay, almost all of us has our little weekly television fix, weather we mark the calender for when a music award will show, or set our dvr up on series recording on our favorite series. For this year, my fix each week is to not miss an episode of Dance Moms, America's Got Talent, and just recently, Heroes of Cosplay on SyFi.   For those who are not familiar with the show, I'll catch you up to speed. The Heroes of Cosplay focuses on various styles of cosplayers and allows us to view into the competitive world of Cosplay, from costume design- to competition.  Personally, when my friend and I wanted to enter into the Anime Matsuri Cosplay Competition two years ago, I'm glad that we decided not to, since we probably would of lost and wouldn't be taken seriously. While for those who are interested in being involved in cosplay for the fun of it, think again! The more exerienced cosplayers are very serious when it comes to their work, and for some is what helps put food on the table.

Why so serious?
"Since money is involved!"- Yaya Han International Cosplay Star
Well, I can see that! I take my hat off to Yaya for spending so much time on creating all her excuisite costumes for juding at conventions every weekend. Her designs are so detailed and true to the original costume designs from comics and animations. 
 Okay, I don't want to sound geekish, but Here's one of my favorites. Yaya as Sailor Mars! She got the costume spot on!

Eternal Sailor Mars! She looks exactly like her too, doesn't she?

To catch this cool cosplayer, be sure to watch Heroes of Cosplay every week on SyFi Channel to support her!