Sunday, November 10, 2013

Ulzzang Guide for Dark Skinned Girls Pt.1

Annyong, Dollies!

Do you know what the word Ulzzang, means?

The Korean word Ulzzang literally means best face in English translation. Originally this style was only widely popular in Korea, but now, many foreigners are beginning to like the style. The Ulzzang style is relatively easy to achive, but for those who are of color, its quite hard to find products that will suit you. So in this post, I'm going to change my usual style of fashion for a more down to earth natural look. Yes, I'm going Ulzzang.

Make up

When looking at tutorials on youtube and in magazines, most of the instructions like, "apply brown eye shadow to the eyes to make them look larger," won't work for you since it won't show up on your skin tone. So what to do now? Imprivise of course! Just like when you first started wearing make up, you had to keep trying different stratigies and until you found a style that complemented you. As for me, I did some research by watching various videos and photos and accomidated them to fit me and my skin tone. Here are some photos of my first attempt and products I used.

For my first attempt, I used nyc skin perfecting primer as my base and pore filler, waited five minutes, then applied clinque acne solutions/ stay matte foundation in spice 25 all over my face, and mac fix powder to achive the flawless skin look with a kabuki brush. As for eyeliner, I used essence's waterproof eyeliner in black (which I love since its felt tip), and drew a small wing at the end of my eyelid, giving it an asian feel, then added a dark brown liner below the waterline to make my eyes look wider.

Aegyo sal= smiling eyes
Pretty much, smiling eyes look like small little bags under your eyes. In many countries, people tend to use make up to cover it up, but in korea, they embrace them! How do you achive the smiling eye effect? Its very easy!

Yesterday, I applied the same make up as before, but used dark brown liner to draw below my eye in like a smiling effect, and tapped, not smudge under my eye, then used silver liner in the corner of the eye to highlight.

This is only the first part of becoming ulzzang. Check back next time for how to dress, pose, and more!