Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Ulzzang style for Black Girls pt.2

Hello Dollies!

This post is in continuation of part one of Ulzzang Style, which gave you a brief overview of what ulzzang means, a simple easy step ulzzang make up tutorial for dark skin using U.S brands, and a product list of what I used. Now that you've concurred the Ulzzang make up, now its time for you to learn a little more about Ulzzang fashion, and various ulzzang poses to use for your next selfies!


Out of all the other alternative Asian fashion styles, Ulzzang is the most conservative and down to earth. With F.O.B (fresh off the boat) style, ulzzang girls tend to wear loose fitting tee shirts, long sweaters, with jeggings or skinny jeans, skirts, or leggings but is not limited to that. To make face shape look smaller, some wear glasses. 

medium_RVONSS.jpg (600×984) (500×356)
Ulzzang-Fashion-ulzzang-world-33958775-500-425.png (500×425)

Mina Tip: Remember, the key to Ulzzang fashion is to look cute and youthful, so refrain from wearing anything too revealing. MODESTY IS KEY ;) 

Other CUTE Addititions: As for accessories, some of the popular trends for ulzzangs is wearing cat ears, or mickey mouse ears for photos!


Notice that not just ulzzangs, but many Asians in general love to do cute poses when taking selfies, puri photos with friends, or even sometimes family pix! Want to know the top poses among the ulzzang community? Check out this cute video of poses that you can use to spice up your next photo for your facebook, instagram, or cyworld page! 

Mina Tip: To make your photos even more high quality and fun, try using apps such as beauty Plus (availible on google play), and Deco Pic (Google Play) to help clear up things such as blemishes, make eyes automatically wider, and even make yourself slimmer! With Deco Pic, you can adorn your photo with cute and fund stickers to make it fun.  What is also cool about these apps is that they are 100% free of charge, so be sure to download these must haves for ulzzangs. 

Congrats to you! You now have all the information needed to become the ultimate Ulzzang. Not so hard anymore, huh? Good luck to you all!

For those who've attempted the style, please feel free to send me your trial, by posting on my Google plus page, and don't forget to suscribe and follow me on Twitter, Youtube, Google Plus, and Shin Weibo

Peace & Love,

International Baby Doll <3