Wednesday, November 13, 2013

YOHIO: Breaking Boundaries in Visual Kei World

Whenever you turn on the television, or go online to a Japanese entertainment show or website, mostly all artists are of Japanese origin. Since Japan's music styles are becoming more popular outside of Japan, there are many who now dream to become a Japanese superstar or pop idol, and submit their videos to online social media sites such as Nico Nico, or Youtube, in the hopes that maybe they'll be discovered. Can foreign girls or boys be accepted as an JPop, Jrock, or Visual Kei idol? This question has been asked on many search engines and forums, and here are some of the answers.

On Yahoo answer, some of the Responses were mostly:

9 Months ago

"I don't think you can sing in Japanese and become an idol in Japan without speaking Japanese."

"you have no no no chance. You are not Japanese. 

No kPop either, not Korean. 

Yes, too tall, too big, face facts."

Well I'm happy to tell you that it is possible for you to become a Japanese idol! (If you can speak Japanese and Relate to Japanese audience)

There are many well known Foreign JPOP artists on the scene:

Beckii Creul- 2010-12?

Beckii's career as an idol was very short lived. Why? She couldn't speak Japanese fluently. Here is one of her videos, which I think is cute :)

Another Foreign artist is Crystal Kay
Crystal is half korean and black and lives in Japan. Her career is still going strong! She speaks Japanese :)

And lastly, the man of this post, YOHIO

Heartbreak-Hotel-by-Yohio.jpg (300×300)

Of Swedish origin, YOHIO was originally part of the group, Seremedy, which currently broke up this year. With his interest for JP culture and Visual Kei style at a young age, it compelled him to learn Japanese and can now speak it fluently. YOHIO has released a few english singles as well as sung alongside popular Japanese former Malice Mizer singer, Gackt for Moon Saga's song with YOHIO singing in english and GACKT singing in Japanese.  Currently, YOHIO is eighteen and is about to release a new album in Japan.  Below, is one of his hits: Without Wings (my favorite)

I really like YOHIO as an artist because he is relatable to many fans as well has a really matured singing voice for his age. Plus, the visual kei style suits him well. Also, YOHIO will be lending his voice to a vocaloid character for english and another language, so if you're a fan of vocaloid like I am, I know you'll be looking forward to that!

As you can see, it is possible for you to become an Japanese singing sensation, as long as you can speak japanese, and put forth effort, it can truly happen!

- International Baby Doll