Sunday, December 1, 2013

Anime Update: Sailor Moon

Hello Everyone! It is now again Friday, meaning its time for the New Anime Release Update for 2014! Takeuchi Naoko's Sailor Moon is scheduled to be re released this upcoming Summer. Many who have been devoted fans for years are looking forward to the new series American debut. For those who do not know, Sailor Moon was a popular Japanese animated show that aired in the United States on 4Kids television from the early 90's to 2003.

 As the series progressed, it gained a huge following, and many girls grew to love the ditzy main protagonist of the story, Serena Tsukino and her friends. Sailor Moon became a global phenomonon as time went on and was aired in many countries and was dubbed in a wide spread of languages. Irwin toys began to produce Sailor Moon dolls, as well as other products related to the show. Once Sailor Moon finished airing its fourth season in the USA, DIC Entertainment, who at the time was owned by Disney, lost the rights to Sailor Moon and was no longer able to play it any more in America. Many Americans who used to watch the Sailor Suited super heroine in the past, think that Sailor Moon had only four seasons and ended at Super S. But fans in other countries knew that there was much more left to the Sailor Moon Story. The fifth season, Sailor Stars, was the only season of Sailor Moon that was never dubbed in English, do to some of the scenes in the episodes. Originally, Sailor Moon was for adults and contained some scenes that were not suitable for younger children. When America gained the rights to air Sailor Moon, they had to cut many scenes, as well as not air some of the episodes, knowing that parents wouldn't allow their children to see the content contained in them.  For example, here are some of the things that DIC revised, or taken out of the English version completely to avoid controversy.

RukaMichi-sailor-uranus-and-sailor-neptune-9047593-1024-768.jpeg (1024×768)
A.) English: The two Sailor Soldiers Uranus and Neptune were cusions.
Japanese: The two Sailor Soldiers Uranus and Neptune were lovers. They had to cut many scenes because of this in the English version for them not to seem too close.

Sailor_Starlights-9000.jpg (491×342)

Sailor_starlights-10517.jpg (604×409)

B.) One Huge Reason that they chose not to air Sailor Stars is because the three new characters, titled the Sailor Starlights, pretended to be boys in their human form, and transform into girls when fighting. It wasn't until the middle of the series that revealed that the Sailor Starlights and the pop idol group Three Lights, were the Same. This alone made it hard for English companies to air this season, since the last season focuses on the characters relationships, including the relationship between Haruka and Michiru. It was not posible to delete scenes, since it wouldn't be easy to follow. So most English speaking countries, didn't air Sailor Stars.
It is a joy to know that they are going to rerelease Sailor Moon once again to the US. According to Japanese media, the new series will be dubbed again as well as restore the old film, making it digital. The series will also recieve a new theme song sung by the popular JPOP idol group, Momoiro Clover Z. As for the English rights, it is now owned by Funimation and it will air in the Summer of next year. From what I know, it will not be a continuation of the Stars series, just a side story. As more info is released, I'll be sure to let you know, so check back weekly!

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