Sunday, December 15, 2013

Gyaru Room Ideas

Hello Dollies,

What's been on my want to do list for was to change my room style....

but didn't know exactly how to go about it. While looking online at all the cool inspiration that is out there from You Tube room tours to Google image searches, I have yet to find any information on where to find cute furniture that is availible to purchase in the U.S. that's similar to the kawaii room decor seen in various issues of EGG Room, or GAL room tours. So what am I to do?
Well, after many months of searching online, I've finally found some interesting sites that have exactly what I'm looking for for my Japanese GAL (Gyaru) Room. So in this post, I'm going to share my room ideas, where to find some of the products such as decor, or furniture, as well as post my favorite room tours.

This post is quite lengthy, so be prepared!

Let's Start!^^


The theme that I chose for my new room was  GAL themed in general. Ever since the age of twelve I've loved the fashion style, so the theme suited me perfectly. After picking the theme, I also chose my favorite colors, pink and white to incorporate throughout my room, as well as my favorite kawaii mascots, hello kitty and my melody since I can't get enough of the two.^^

The Inspiration!

Since my style is more princessy style, some of my favorite favorite Youtube Tours are listed below

The first room is rated number 1 on my list. I love Xiaxue's room style since it has a sweet hime gyaru kind of feel, and I love how she organized her things as well as decorated her storage units.

The Next favorite is Pink Ichigo's room in 2009. I really like how she incorporated hello kitty and charmmy kitty throughout as well as added the frills and zebra print. 

Photo inspiration

Search engines are a perfect place to search for inspiration; Especially for your room! For my search, I typed in Gyaru-kei rooms, lolita rooms, and korean princess bedrooms, and here's what I've found:)

bbfda6241463cf424fac46a68d65b8e9.jpg (236×324)

main_img.jpg (700×593) (500×361)

Since I'm a girly girl at heart, I'm going for the sweet hime gyaru style room approach. When I wake up in the morning, I want to feel like a princess :3
I really love the floral design, mainly because it reminds me of Liz Lisa <3

I also get inspiration from not just rooms, but also clothes patterns, posters, and even colors sometimes. The two elements I wanted to showcase mostly was Liz Lisa brand and Sanrio's Hello Kitty-chan and My Melody-chan

Liz+lisa+1.jpg (750×419)

This photo is a perfect example of what I wanted my bedding pattern to be. I was looking online at various sites and found ebay and Taobao to be my best picks on where to find kawaii hime bedding. If I'm not able to order from those sites, I plan on investing in Target's Shabby Chic bedding collection since it's the closet to what I'm trying to go for (in the United States). 

bedroom+pet+pics+049a.png (1600×1204)
Target's Simply Shabby Chic Collection- In Stores and Online


This was the most tricky part for me. When you have the perfect image of what you want in your mind, but can't exactly find it, it almost makes you go completely bonkers, but thanks to XiaXue, I've found some beds similar to what I've wanted through Ikea and Pottery Barn.

ikea-tromsnes-daybed.jpg (500×500)

Look Similar? This bed is similar to XiaXue's bed in her princess room, except in baby blue. For my room, I'd perfer it to be in baby pink or white, and would weave flowers through the bed frame to make it extra feminine. 

Where to shop

For a hime style room


Mina-Chan's Tip #1: Taobao is the Chinese Version of ebay and requires you to use a shopping service if you do not reside in China. The most easiest shopping service I'd recommend is Yobuy since you can order through them.

That's all for Part One of GAL Room Ideas

Part 2 will cover Gal Decor, where to shop in the U.S for decor as well as online, and D.I.Y

Keep checking back to keep a look out for before and after room tours, moving diaries, and much more.

Stay warm dolls, and see you in the next article.

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XOXO Sakurai Minako
International Baby Doll