Friday, December 20, 2013

Int. Baby Doll's Acne Solutions: Neem

Hello dear dollies^^

What is a good way to get rid acne fast? Try Neem! Neem is a leaf that is found in India that Indians use to cure many things. Neem is very gentle to your skin and doen't itch or burn like other masks. Just apply a thick even coat then let dry! Its just that easy. After twenty minutes, rinse off with warm water, then cool face with cold water. Neem will brighten your skin, get rid of dander, clear your skin, and will also get rid of oily skin. Try Neem next time you have a slight breakout.

This is my skin before trying the Neem Mask. Notice the ultra huge bump on my face, it was like a third eye T.T

This is my skin one week after up close, and without any airbrushing or editing

Buh, Bye ugly bump! Hello new skin ;)

Mina Tip: If any itching occurs, this is because the Neem tightens your skin and is therefore normal on the first time using. If itching continues after the second try, STOP using it. 

This was very helpful to me, so I hope that it's just as helpful to you, so be a doll and give it a try ^^

Check back for more articles on Skin Care, and easy affordable ways to get clear, glowing skin!