Sunday, December 22, 2013

Make-Up Box: FIT Me Stick Foundation

Hello dear Dolls, and welcome to the First Make-Up Box article!

First of all, what exactly is Make-Up Box?

Basically Make-Up Box is pretty much where I'll review a certain cosmetic product, and tell you exactly all the information possible. Most of the time, I pay for these products with my own money, so I'll always give my readers an honest opinion, rather it be good/bad.

One of the things I noticed that is very important to Ulzzangs is skincare in general, and there are many Korean Cosmetic Products whom cater to helping these net idols gain a "fair", or "flawless" appearance, claiming to hide all impurities.

Being a teen whom has occasional cystic acne break outs from time to time, I'm an avid user of such products.

One out of many brands that is popular in the USA/ Canada Communities is Maybelline Fit Me Collection. Since the New Fit Me foundation  stick is now out on the market and is trending, I've decided to purchase it to see if the product works as good as it claims.

Product Info

Fit-Me-Stick-Coconut.png (400×355)
This is my FIT ME Shine Free Stick

The new FIT ME concealer stick claims to cover up impurities, as well as killing the shine on oily skin by having the special core in which helps your skin, apparently not oil up as much.

My Experience: When using the liquid foundation in 355, I loved how it felt really light on my skin and wasn't as oily than other foundations I've used in the past. However, when using the Shine Free Stick, my face was oily within one hour.

maybelline-fit-me-foundation-review-bottles-side.jpg (540×396)

If you have oily skin like myself, I'd suggest using the stick foundation like an concealer since it covers up impurities well, and only use it on the problem areas, not your whole face.

When I used my FIT ME liquid foundation lightly on my face using a stipple brush, (so your face won't look cakey), and applied FIT ME Stick Foundation afterwards on the problem areas to conceal them, it worked better.

Since the stick is a solid, it tends to come off heavier than would the liquid, so very little goes a long way!^^

For FIT ME Stick foundation, I give a four star rating, and would recommend to anyone who is battling with acne, and want to gain flawlessly looking skin, in easy five minutes flat!

The product alone didn't work well as I thought it would with me, but results may be different from others, so give it a try!

Did it work? Tell me if so, I want to know!

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please leave them below; and if you would like me to do a review on your product, please go to the Contact Me page for details.

This is all for now dolls, and now this Make-Up Box is Closed!