Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Modern Kpop? Inside North Korea's Music Scene

When viewing this music video, most people assume that it was made in the 1980's or 1990's, but in reality, this was filmed in 2012.  The Morangbong Girls are just one of the few music artists whom are popular among North Korea. With songs such as, "Let's Study," and "I love Pangyang," most songs are political based.  

North and South Korea are very different from eachother, and music styles mostly can give you an idea on which side is more modern than the other. Below are two South Korean KPOP groups in which are more well known globally SHINee and Girl's Generation

Shinee are one of the most popular South Korean boy groups worldwide and are know for their upbeat music and catchy tunes. Their recent single, "Everybody," was performed on both Music Core and on Music Bank. 

Korean Pop girl group girl's generation are seen quite often on South Korean television. The song, "the Boys," was one of the popular songs among United States kpop fans. 

Now that you've viewed South Korea's music, now it's time to check out their next door neighbors' popular music groups-- the Morangbong Girls and some other girl I don't know.

This hit was the song of the Summer in 2013 ^^
Even though they are behind as far as music, some of the songs are quite catchy and this one is one among many.

The young entergetic little one is popular among the north korean children. Kim Sol Mae sings very well for her age. 

I've tried search for North Korean Male Pop groups, finding none at all. 

So obviously, South Korea is more advanced than North Korea, and hopefully they'll catch up to the rest of the world in the future.