Wednesday, December 18, 2013

PhotoBooth Professional Photography?!

Purikura; one of the most popular trends among Japanese youths today. Mostly popular amung girls due to so many options, Purikura turns an ordinary looking girl, into a cover model within less than ten minutes.  My first experiance with a purikura machine was last summer at the Willowbrook Mall. The Purikura machine there was the Love Star Slim.  Due to the overrated pricing (5 USD), most teens would just pass by, wanting to save their money. Just before they were about to take the machine out of the mall, my friends and I decided that we had to experiance Purikura so we can say that we done it once. So my friends and I all put five dollars together and took some really nice photos. I was actually impressed at all the cool backgrounds that was available to use, as well as the stickers. It was really fun, and I'll be hoping to do it again at Anime Matsuri 2014. Do you want to experiance Purikura, but don't have a machine near you? There are many sites out now as well as apps for androids where your computer or phone can be turned into a puri machine within seconds!