Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Road to GAL: The Very Beginning

Hello dollies, this is Sakurai Minako.

I've been wanting to write this for awhile now, but wanted to save this for a good time, and I think having so many blog reviews is a perfect occasion!

Since you know very little about me, I'm just going to write a little about myself, and what made me want to be GAL.

In my second year of middle school, I just recently moved from a small town in Georgia to Houston, TX, so I was really shy and reserved, and mostly sat alone at school. During my free time, I'd loved reading manga and watching various shoujo/ magical girl anime.

One show that I was totally into at the time was GALS! (A.K.A Super Gals), and this is what jumpstarted my interest in GAL fashion.

What I loved most about GALs was that they seemed to have so much confidence in what they do, as well as very dedicated, and inside their communs, seemed to have a tight knited friendship circle, that I wanted to be apart of.

For two years, I've watched many tutorials, listened to Para-Para/ Eurobeat music, as well as looked at GAL Mags online, such as Popteen, Ageha, and EGG. After starting my first year in high school, in the winter break of that year, I began the process of GAL transformation, and began (attempting to), dressing GAL. Now at age sixteen, this is my third year of my transformation, as well as dressing GAL (attempting)!

Other things: I recently been signed with a nationwide talent agency as an actress/model, I love fashion, but am a total geek at heart whom loves spending weekends watching Korean Dramas, watching Funimation Channel and Anime Network, and am avid fans of Hello Kitty, Rilakkuma, and My Melody.

My friends coined the nickname "International Baby Doll," since I am fluent in Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Polish, and Russian, and my doll-like kawaii appearance.

The other Asian fashion I tend to dress sometimes is Ulzzang Style, mostly because of it's simplicity and focus on natural beauty.

Road to GAL

Winter 2011
age: 14

Okie, this was my first attempt at doing GAL makeup, as well as make up in general. If you are a more experienced GAL, you probably already know what lacked. To list a few, the make up wasn't heavy for the style I was going for (kuro), there was no top or bottom lashes, no mascara even.... want me to continue?

January 2012

Age: 14

This is my first puri photo I'd decorated :) Make up is still very light and hard to notice, plus still never bothered to use lashes. At least eyebrows are shaped though^^


Feb. 2012


Okay, now we're seeing some improvement ;) The make is still very light, but eyebrows are shaped, more eyeshadow colors are used, and finally, falsies are used to the full. 

Attempt 3- D

March 2012
Age: 15

Okay, this is when I've began getting more creative with my make up and starting to take risks fashion wise. Wearing stars on the side of my face and wearing cat ears in public was a big thing for me to do--- especially at the mall! (usually liked to blend in) 

Attempt 4- C-

May 2012

This was my first attempt dressing COLU style, and wore this to my first GAL meet. Most of the more experienced GALs liked this coord mostly because of the bright colors, and bow accent. This is when I went way out, (or thought I was). Now looking back at it, I think I still had so much more to improve on. For instance, I didn't contour my nose, use blush, or lashes, and could of did better on my hair. 

Attempt 5- C-

July 2012

Age: 15

Finally I did something with my hair, yay! Outfit is cute, but still not quite GAL, and make up is unfortunately not up to par.

Attempt 6- C-

October 2013

Age: 16

Now here is some improvement! For this make, the make up is waaaay heavier, mascara is used, liner is used, eyebrows are shaped, blush is used, and contour is in tact, (even though I'm working on it).  

So that's as far as I've went as of October, and as of now, I'm still improving and doing my best. I may be consider pa gal (not yet gal), but I'm still going to take the steps possible until I reach the end of my GAL transformation.

With the help of my GAL communities on fb, and my two Gal role models, I will one day be the best gal I can be.

Special Shout Outs

Special thanks to the two favorite gals whom encouraged, as well as helped me out bunches:

Crystal Ezeoke-Sempai

2013-09-22+10.47.12.jpg (479×479)


LoLo Gilbert-Sempai

photo.jpg (512×512)

You girls are awesome, very nice, and great rolemodels to me, KEEP SHININ' :)

Arigato :)