Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Diable Grad Style 2015

Welcome Class of 2015 to the ultimate JS fashion Style Guide!

Hello everyone, Minako here, and today as promised I'll share with you all of Diable's Graduate uni collection for 2015 <3

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Minnie and her Graduation Ball ☆

Once upon a time...

Okay, obviously this is not a fairy tale, but I am counting down the days til my graduation ball! Since I'm homeschooled and my prom is too far away (Dallas), my family is throwing me a huge graduation ball celebration, and I can't wait!

I've been looking forward to this very moment since middle school, so there are many things in development right now!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Girlmar 2015 Graduate Style!

Hello everyone, it's that time of year again!

With 2014 about to come to a close, JS Fashion online shop has released some fancy coords perfect for JS (middle school) graduation 2015! Will the brands blow us away this year once again with their cute and edgy uniqueness once again? Let's see what EarthMagic, Diable, and Barbie has to offer the young high school girls to be in this AH-mazing post where you'll only see JS fashion covered in the west!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Living Doll Style Guide

Hello everyone,

this is Minnie and welcome to my Living Doll Style guide! Fortunately, achieving the Living Doll look is very easy and clothing is simple to replicate and can be inexpensive. Since I've found not very many guides out there for this, this post is a little guide I put together to help you to become a Living Doll!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Minnie's Top 10 Song List

Hello Everyone, this is Minnie!

Music is life in my family and personally I can't live without it! There are various music groups and artists from all around the world I adore listening to, so instead of just focusing on just Jpop and Kpop, in this post I'm going to show you some of my favorite songs from different countries all over the world. Maybe you'll find a new favorite artist yea?  Here's my top fave songs from 10 to 1!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Minnie and Lisa Frank

Hello everyone,

Today when going through an old box of stuff from the second grade, I stumbled upon my most favorite keepsake--my Lisa Frank stationary set! I don't know about those of you out there, but I pretty much grew up on Lisa Frank brand and owned many of their products. Going through some of the things was like going through some old time capsule that really took me back to my elementary school days, so today I'm going  pay homage to my favorite childhood brand by making this post all about my childhood and the Wonderful World of Lisa Frank!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Popteen October 2014 Issue

Hello everyone, happy Friday!
This is Minnie bringing to you the latest issue of Popteen magazine <3
This issue will be Popteen Model Kumicky's final issue.

Let's Start!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Fall Ulzzang Shopping Guide!

My Local Mall in Humble, Tx

Hello everyone, this is Minnie, and welcome to my Fall Ulzzang Shopping Guide that is made with the budget Ulzzang in mind. Honestly, ordering from all the latest Asian clothing brands can get very pricey after paying for shopping services, shipping and handling fee, etc.  so today I'm going to show you how you can imitate/cheat some looks that your favorite ulzzang may be rocking right now in Korea for a very cheap and reasonable price! Let's go shopping at our local mall/ shopping center!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Youtube and What's to Come ★゚

Hello everyone^ ^

These past few months I've really enjoyed focusing on my Youtube Channel and creating as well as editing new videos! Although I'm fairly new to the game, I hope to keep improving and  hope that you all continue to support me!

There are still so much I'm planning for YT this year, so this post I'll be sharing with you some of my videos already posted, as well as plans for the future!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Popteen July 2014 Issue Scans

Hello everyone^ ^

Although most don't view Popteen as a GAL mag anymore, I still personally like their style personally and get tons of inspo from their magazine for my ulzzang, jfashion, or gyaru inspired looks (of course making the makeup more dramatic).

Here are some of my favorites from Popteen July 2014 <3

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Back to Natural: Kawaii for Girls of Color

Hello girls^ ^

Welcome to my Back to Basics post, which is all about going Back to Natural and how some girls are sporting their natural kawaii looks! 

Being an African American girl whom has been natural for over a year, one of the things that I love most about our hair is the diversity, and how versatile it can be. Over the past Summer, I spent most of my days rocking my natural hair along with my ulzzang look. Below are some of my favorite natural selcas as well as how I achieved each look. 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Anime Matsuri Luv Day, guests, and more

Hello everyone^ ^

Lately I've been quite busy with school as well as other things that are currently going on in my personal life, however last weekend I took a break by spending my afternoon in Houston's Discovery Green park where Anime Matsuri's LUV Day was taking place!

Anime Matsuri Luv Day! AM Head Denise Leigh (pink, center) was sporting a very pretty Sailor Moon set <3

First of all, what exactly is Luv Day? LUV= Let Us Volunteer Day! Anime Matsuri Con is now recruiting volunteers for their 2015 convention to work in various departments. Throughout the day we played various fun games, gotten to know one another/ various departments in which are recruiting, as well as learned more about what/ who will be at this upcoming con!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Chibi NeoGal: BanaChi

Hello everyone! It's time to put away the tank tops and booty shorts, because the weather and season's changing to the more cooler side. That's right, today's the first day of Fall here in the US, meaning tons and tons of end of season sales to go check out at your local mall... or in my case online!

It's been awhile since I've covered BanaChi, so today I'm going to show you some of my fave selections from popular JS Fashion brand Banana Chips!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Liz Lisa Project Start!^ ^

Hello everyone, and welcome to the first Liz Lisa Project update! For those whom haven't read previous posts, or are new to my blog, the Liz Lisa Project is a room renovation project taking a plain and standard bedroom and turning it into the ultimate gyaru paradise. After tons of planing, organizing, and investing, the Liz Lisa Project will finally launch next weekend on my You Tube Channel as part of my Minnie Diaries Vlog series <3

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

CYB48, START:DASH, & Kotori Minami

Hello everyone!^ ^

Now that school's back in full swing and Driver's Ed is pretty much over, now it's time to focus on the more important things--CYB48.
For those whom follow my instagram as well as G+, I announced on both platforms about my acceptance into the online idol CYB 48.  Out of all honesty, things are still under development, but I am happy to announce one of the songs we're practicing!

us_start-dash.jpg (480×480)

Monday, September 1, 2014

K12 Online School

Hello everyone, Minnie here!

Have I ever told you that I attend school online?
Well, I know I've only barely mentioned my school life to you guys, so this post will be dedicated to my online school life, my opinion of k12 Online Schools, and rather if it's the right choice for you, or your child!^ ^

Friday, August 22, 2014

Living Doll Back to School Makeup Look




Hello everyone!^ ^
Apologies for not posting in awhile, but I promise I have a good excuse for you all to not kill me >///<
With senior year almost around the corner, I've been spending these past few weeks getting back into the groove, as well as attending DRIVER'S ED!  Now that I have my permit, I have more time to relax and blog as much as possible <3 

For those who've read previous posts, you probably already know how much of a fan I am of the Shibuya 109 brand Liz Lisa. With school starting Monday for those in the south and the Houston area, I'm going to show you my  feminine, doll like makeup look that you can flaunt on your school days and to help you become your school's living doll <3

Anime Review: Paradise Kiss




Hello lovlies!^ ^
Hope everyone's Summer is going well! Although my Summer has been rather busy, during my brief times of rest and relaxation I've been discovering some new anime shows, manga, as well as drama. In this post, I'll share one of my Fave animations, Paradise Kiss

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Back to School^ ^

Hello everyone,

this is Minnie, official high school Senior @ TXVA Online School as of this year!^ ^
 Though I'm mostly at home during the week with eyes glued to the computer for six hours a day, doesn't mean that I don't participate in back to school shopping to stay on top of styles.

During the fall months, I mostly tend to dress ulzzang/ korean fashion style and love light pastels, or mute colors like moss greens. Since ordering online can be quite pricey for a seventeen year old girl, I always look for inspiration on looks I would like to go for, then shop local for similar pieces to create those looks.

Seventeen Magazine just recently launched their trendy fashion line in Sears stores nationwide, so in today's post, I'm going to show you how I paired some of their pieces, other name brands, and how you can still get that ulzzang/ korean fashion vibe without having to pay the outragous prices.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Anime Matsuri 2015: Preparing for Next Con!^^

Hello everyone!~

For those whom read my previous blog posts earlier this year, you know I've gotten to finally experience my very first Anime Convention. Having Anime Matsuri as the first con I've ever attended was one of the best decisions I've ever made-- I met both KERA model and V Kei singer AKIRA and BTSSB model Misako Aoki!
In this post I'm going to share my first con experience, what/who I look forward to seeing next year, as well as well as cosplay/fashion ideas for each of the three days!^ ^

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

GAL Babies: Bana-Chi

Hello everyone, this is Minnie!^^
Sorry for the lack of posting lately, but I'm glad to finally be back :)
For those who already read my past posts on JS fashion, you probably know how much love I have for the JS Fashion brand Banana Chips (Bana-Chi).

Although JP kids are now busy with school, this doesn't stop them from struting and showing off their unique, fun, flity, and kawaii fashion style that is only available to those in Japan!^^
So let's see why I dubbed this iconic Bana-Chi brand GAL BABY APPROVED

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Today's OOTD: South East meets West^^

indian-bridal-with-makeup-and-heavy-jewelry-91.jpg (500×750)
Today's Make up inspiration

Hello everyone!~^^

This is Minnie, and here is today's code^^

Unlike most of my coordinates, this outfit was completely inspired by indian fashion.
What I've always loved about traditional indian dress is the bright colors, and the lively prints. In today's code my goal was to mix both South East fashion with a Western Indi flair, so let's get started shall we?

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Anime Review: Honey x Honey Drops

Hello everyone, this is Minnie, and HAPPY OTAKU TUESDAY!~

Now that the second week of Summer has begun, I've been taking some r and r by having an fully blown out anime marathon today. One of my favorite past times to do when I'm bored is searching for new anime shows/ manga that I've haven't yet watched, and what caught my attention today on You Tube was the animation, Honey x Honey Drops!^^

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

All Girls are Kawaii: the Japanese Plus Sized Revolution

Hello lovelies!^^

one of the most common complaints in the western world from GALS is that Japanese brands mostly produce clothes in only "free size", or "one size fit all." Since the average westerner is above size zero, this "free size," most of the time, does not fit all.
After the many constant trends and changes in the Japanese fashion world, Japan's fashion industry is beginning to take interest in the girls whom fit outside the "free sized" criteria, kick starting the Jfashion Marshmallow Girl Revolution!^^

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Gyaru Summer 2014

cocolulu-cocogirl-unit.png (800×532)
Hello everyone, this is Minnie, and Happy Almost Summer!~

This week is very exciting since I'm now an official Senior, and there are many things planned for this Summer, this post will cover some  posts/videos to look forward to!

Let's Start!~

Monday, May 26, 2014

X Men: Days of Future's Past Movie Review

x-men-days-of-future-past-poster.png (840×482)

Hello everyone, happy Sunday!
This is Minnie giving you the latest on the recent installment of the X Men film franchise entitled, "X-Men: First Class".

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Today's Audition Makeup look, ootd, and results^^

Hello Everyone!~

This is Sakurai Minako, sharing with you my audition preparation, leading all the way up to today's audition! Please sit back and grab your favorite Pocky as I share with you my experience^^

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Ultimate Sailor Soldier Guide: Sailor Moon 2014

"Sailor Moon Crystal" Scheduled to air July 5th on Nico Nico in Japan

Hello everyone, this is Minnie giving you the most up to date information on Sailor Moon's 20th Anniversary!~

Not released in 2013 as planned, the anime has been rescheduled to release in July this year in Japan. While most information was kept hush hush on the new title, as well as the new synopsis, the only thing fans hoped for was for the remake to not lose it's edge.
In these past few month, there has been more releases of Sailor Moon merchandise in the Japanese market, so today I'm going to share some updated information on what's in stores now, what to look forward to, and much, much more!
Welcome to the Wonderful World of Minnie's Ultimate Sailor Soldier Issue!^^

Tuesday, May 13, 2014 50% Spring Sale!~

Hello everyone, this is Minnie bringing you the latest updates on Japanese JS Fashion. With golden week over with and school back in session, popular Japanese online JS fashion shop GirlMar is having a huge blowout sale on popular brand names Diable and Ziddy for up to 50% off!
For those of you who are still chibi GALS (gyaru 10-13) this post is just for you, so time to keep your eyes wide open, and see what's on sale for 2014 Spring Collection!~

Saturday's OOTD!~

Jpop Idol Group AKB48

Hello everyone, happy Monday and here's my ootd from Saturday!

For those whom are avid readers of my blog, you know all my outfits have a certain theme/ look that I want to go for.  For Saturday's look, I was inspired by school uniforms that are mostly commonly seen in Japanese/ Korean dramas and animations, and worn by Japanese Pop Idol groups. Instead of just going with the traditional look, I wanted to go all out and add a slight edge, which I will explain below.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Life as an Ulzzang in the Entertainment Industry: Ultimate Guide for your Future in Acting/ Modelling

Hello everyone, this is Minnie, and happy Friday!~

For those of you whom are subscribers to the Inzzang Channel on Youtube, you probably already know that Saturdays are my video upload day. Unlike most of my videos, this week on the Inzzang channel, Rae, Lindi, Solei, Shiari, Hawa, and I are all doing heart to heart videos on what it's like to be African American Ulzzangs in the mostly Asian populated style/fashion, and some of the things we face in our day to day lives.  While looking at other Ulzzang vids, I noticed that no one has yet covered one topic--"What it's like being an African American Ulzzang in the Entertainment Industry!"
Since I've been in the acting and modelling world for quite awhile now, I decided to do a video on my personal experience of being an Ulzzang actress/model, share some more in depth info on how you can pursue an acting/ modelling world, as well as answer some of your frequently asked questions that constantly flood my email box!^^
In today's post, I'm going to go more into detail on which agencies to avoid, show some well known popular scams that often reel people in and break promises, as well as  list some agencies TO APPLY FOR!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Beginning GAL Story~

Hello everyone, this is Minnie, and today I'm going to touch on one topic that not many cover as much--beginning GAL fashion as well as the GAL communities (pros and cons) of them, as well as how to survive as a Beginner GAL by sharing my personal story!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

J-Rock Group of the Week: EVE

Hello everyone, this is Minnie, and this is another Minnie's Music, with me sharing with you my favorite music group of the week in the Japanese, Korean, and Chinese music world!

For those whom read my blog constantly, you probably already know that I'm a huge fan of J-Rock, Visual Kei, and Oshare. There are so many bands that comes to mind when someone asks what groups I listen to, but lately I've been constantly listening to the J-Rock group, EVE.

Follower's Picks,Favorite Instagram Looks, and my Random Social Net Moments!~

Hello everyone, this is Minnie, giving you all an update on my favorite ootds and makeup looks! Just this year, I've officially launched my official twitter, as well as Instagram, in which I update daily by posting my makeup looks for that day, as well as ootds and random vids of my crazy antics, lol!^^
So far, my favorite social media app is Instagram, and I enjoy reading some of you guys wonderful and sometimes quite funny comments. So today, I'll share some funny Social media moments, as well as my top rated looks via Instagram!~

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Friday's OOTD


This is Minnie and this was what I wore yesterday out^^
Just this week, my new SHINee World Onew shirt came in, so therefore yesterday's outfit was kpop inspired with floral pattern incorporation! xD

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Monday's Ulzzang OOTD^^

Hello Everyone, this is Sakurai Minako with Monday's ootd!
Monday was a very special day, so I was very busy all throughout the 14th trying to get ready for that evening :)

My theme for today's outfit was inspired by the Japanese brand, Liz Lisa and girl's kpop videos. Liz Lisa is one of my favorite Japanese GAL brands since most of their prints are very girly, cute, and floral. Since Spring is in full force, I decided to pull out my pop out floral dress in beige, as well as my old jean jacket from when I was younger (I can still fit some of my clothes from the children's section).

My Dream V Yukata Styling ★

Hello everyone, this is Minnie, and as promised here's my Yukata styling from Dream V (Yumetenbo)!^^

Saturday, April 12, 2014

My Yukata Arrived! xD

Hello everyone, this is Minnie, and welcome to my first haul post!~
For the first time, I've purchased a GAL yukata from DreamV (Yumetenbo) through Rakuten Global store. For those whom have never ordered through Rakuten and are very weary of doing so, let me put you at ease by sharing my Experience <3