Thursday, January 30, 2014

Cosplay Confirmed!^^

Hello Dollies!~

It's been such a hard decision, but I decided to go along with dressing GAL for this year's Anime Matsuri Convention!^^

GAL has been part of my fashion style for quite awhile now, so I really wanted to go all out and be edgy. Since I usually dress the more subtle styles (onee, hime, sweet), I wanted to move away from my comfort zone and be more daring by doing Kuro GAL <3

Out of all GAL styles, Kuro style is my favorite since it's very edgy, yet very cute, and I've always admired Black Diamond Unit (who doesn't?!)

Thanks to, I've purchased an edgy idol like uniform in red plaid. This uni has been on my mind for many months, and been practicing on how the coord would be executed so it'll be perfect for the special day.^^

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Magical World of BABY^^

Misako-San will model for BTSSB on Friday @ AM's J Fashion Show

Hello Dollies, Happy Wednesday!~

As you all may know, I'll be attending the Anime Matsuri Convention in March for the J Fashion Show on Friday, and I continue to count down to that day^^

While yesterday I posted about the Gothic Loli Brand Putumayo, today I'm going to post about the most popular and well known Lolita brand know throughout the worldwide loli-community---


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

AM J Fashion Countdown: Putumayo!

Putumayo in Kera Magazine
Model: Akira (She will be at Anime Matsuri this year for Alice and the Pirates)

Hello Dollies!~

The definition of the popular Japanese loli brand Putumayo is lolita with an edge, and the brand will soon be coming to Houston, Texas for the Anime Matsuri Convention's J Fashion Show!
For those who don't know, Know, Putumayo has been featured in Popteen as well as Kera Magazine various times!

For those who can't wait, let's check out some of what Putumayo has to offer!^^

Monday, January 27, 2014

Liz Lisa

Hello Dollies!~

One of my favorite GAL brands are Liz Lisa. What I like most about Liz Lisa is that they take the feminine lolita like style and make it more GAL! Right now on Shibuya 109's online shop, they are having a major beginning of the year winter fashion sale, and prices are marked. Here's some of what Liz Lisa has to offer to make you look totally adorbs for the remaining part of the Winter!^^

Grad Style 2014: Banana Chips

Hello Dollies!~

After a long awaited time, Banana Chips has finally released their grad style uniform for 2014 JS Graduation!
Let's see what the edgy and gorge JS brand Banachi has in store!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Pet Peeve: Unfinished Manga Series

Hello Dollies!~

Okay, I admit--I was the Anime Club president two years running at my old school, so clearly I'm a geek with wonderful fashion sense!^^

One of my pet peeves as an avid manga reader is when mangakas of series I read suddenly decides not to finish writing the story:(

A perfect example of this is Wataru Mizukami's For-Eyed Prince...

Friday, January 24, 2014

Japanese Fashion Magazines

Both of these gal magazines are aimed at fashion, but even though they look the same, they actually have differences. Can you guess what that is?
The first magazine is for JS Fashion (elementary school girls) , while Ranzuki is made for girls in their older teens and young adults!  There are some very fashion forward girls in Japan, and almost every girl that is into fashion at a young age reads Nicola.  Nicola has about the same layout as an teen magazine, and covers everything from dating advice to fashion. Most children's magazines in Japan come with small gifts called furoku, to encourage girls to purchase their own copy of the magazine instead of just sharing with a friend. Want to see it for yourself? Go down to the link below and say that Minako-Chan sent you!

Nicola magazine site 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

JS Fashion for GALS 13 and Under

Hello Dollies!~

Most young Japanese gals are just as fashion conscious as their mothers or older siblings. In Japan, one of the most popular topics among girls is fashion, today I'm about to cover some different fashion brands that differ from the American girl clothing brands.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Where Have All the Gyaru-oh Gone?

Hello Dollies!~

Unfortunately towards the end of 2013, GAL fashion was beginning to become more mainstream in the Japanese fashion world, therefore styles began toning down, and GAL mags once recognized by both the Japanese and Gaijian GAL community began showcasing this new "GAL", look while others, like the B and Kuro GAL mag Soul Sister, ceased it's publication.

So far these changes have thrown the Gaijian GAL community into a tizzy and most are very saddened by this new outlook on the GAL fashion style, mostly due to their wrong protrayal by NHK World's Kawaii International's GAL Episode.

While the new mainstream GAL is on the rise in Japanese society, their counterpart, the Gyaru-oh is on the decline in both the Japanese and Gaijian communities.

Cutie An Sui Romms

Hello Dollies!~

Sorry for posting so late, this week was finals week, so I had so much studying to do these past few days.
Anyways, now that I've finished cramming, I have three free days to do what I do best--post tons of articles for your enjoyment!^^

Since moving into my new place one of the things that keeps rolling on my mind is interior design, and what better way to keep myself pumped and motivated for my big GAL room transformation than looking at some kawaii rooms?

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Let's Go Cosplay Shopping!~

Hello Dollies!~

With the Anime Matsuri Convention coming up in two months, there's so much preparation to do, and very little time U.U

The best part about preparing for Anime Conventions is picking out which outfit your want to sport, or who you want to go as, but the problem is that I never really decided if I should cosplay or not.

There is only one solution for this....

To ask all of you dolls, which outfit you think would suit me the most!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Disney Mobile?!

Hello Dollies!~

The multi-million dollar international company, Disney released just recently began selling their own line of mobile phones.

Yes, Disney Mobile, a division of Disney Interactive opened it's  retail store doors to Japanese youth in Japan!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

International Baby Doll SP: Photo Shoot!

Hello Dollies!~

With this past Winter Vacay was very busy for me, and was seeming to go by quite fast. With school around the corner in just two weeks, most of my time was being spent on school shopping, but before I begin to hit the books again for six hours, I wanted to do something fun and exciting for International Baby Doll! 
Last Friday, I've gotten the privledge to work with an pro photographer at Studio One to One Corperate location located in Cy-Fair, Tx for a complimentary private photo session, and I am very pumped to share the news with all my dollies!

Japanese GAL Brand Shows Girls of Color Some Love!

Hello Dollies!~

After being a fan of Japanese fashion for five years, one of the things I've noticed was that most Japanese Brands don't have models of any other ethnicity or cultural background.
Having representation in such a diverse community is vital, especially since there are even foreigners who are beginning to follow the GAL fashion trend.

What I've found pretty interesting in fascinating was the Japanese GAL brand, Baby Shoop.
Baby Shoop is a b-Gal brand who's main concept is BLACK FOR LIFE= Black Forever, and is located in Shibuya 109!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Nail Seals: A Japanese School Girl's Best Friend!

Hello Dollies!~

One of the most popular nail trends going on in Japan are nail seals. Nail seals are very popular among Japanese school girls, mostly because they are so easy to remove (some schools don't allow girls to wear nail polish in Japan). With the popular increasing trend of J Deco Nails on the rise, young high school girls turn to nail seals to make their nails look just as pretty as their mums, older sisters, or favorite idol or fashion model.

Nail-Up! Japanese Nail Art

Hello dollies!

One of the latest fashion in trends in Japan are the kawaii and outragous deco nails.  Over in the Land of the Rising sun, there is no such thing as toned down, and young teenage girls and young adults are getting in touch with their inner kawaii side. In this two part post, I'm going to show you some trendy and cute nails that are worn by some of  Tokyo's female youth, and a D.I.Y that you can do for a very cheap and reasonable price! GALs, get ready for the kawaii high!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Are You a RONI Girl?

Hello Dollies~

Are you a Roni Girl at heart? I sure am, even though I'm too old to be one!

RONI is a popular JS Fashion brand among young elementary school aged girls in Japan, and is known for it's cute and edgy style. The brand has been featured/worn in many children's shows by fashion forward young pop idols. One of the shows in which the brand has collaborated with various times, was TV Tokyo's Pretty Rhythm Series.


Many of Japanese female fashion forward youths try to keep on top of trends, and to me, are more into fashion than most children in the world.  Want to take a look into these young one's world of fashion? Let's be Roni Girls and see what's in style today!

Into the Cray World of Oshare!

Hello Dollies!

Like the new site IBD? I sure do, it totally fits the sort of style I'm going for^^

Anyways, most of the time I usually tend to dress Ulzzang/ GAL style, and mostly adore the others from afar. One of the many other styles I love is Oshare-kei.

"EH?! What's that Minako-chan?! I've never heard of it!"

Okay, okay, chill! For those whom don't know, I'll explain....

Friday, January 3, 2014


Hello Dollies!~

Since I've had to go through many facial peels, I've haven't gotten the chance to dress GAL lately (since it requires tons of make up) and have been dressing ulzzang :) but that doesn't mean I don't have a GAL heart and have GAL spirit!

In the past two years, it's been a long road, and after look at resource after resource I still have a little ways to go, but with the help of GAL VIP magazine, I have all that I need to help me improve!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Grad Style 2014: Earth Magic

Hello Dollies^^

Of course, you always save the best for last, therefore I've chosen to cover my favorite fashion brand EARTH MAGIC last!

Right next to RONI, Earth Magic comes in number two on the list to being the most popular tween brand among girls in Japan, and is used in various music videos, catalogs, and is also in TTKC every year!

The definition of Earth Magic is Edgy, sophisticated, and the ultimate GAL brand for tweens!
Let's see what Magic Earth Magic has in store for the class of 2014!

Grad Style 2014: Liner Press

Hello Dollies!~

In the last article, I've covered one of the many popular Japanese tween brands whom are putting a twist on the traditional Japanese uniforms for Graduation 2014 in March. We've went over some of what Diable had to offer, now let's see a sample of Inner Press's coords that are now in stores for purchase!

Grad Style 2014: Diable

The new face of Japannese Pop and youth culture is the Japanese school girl. Japanese school uniforms, once only used for school purposes are now being worn on runways/ worn by various jpop idols, and even in the streets in Shibuya during Summer Vacay and weekends when school is out!

GAL Room Idea Pt.2

Ohayo, Dollies!

Today is December 31st, which marks the last day of 2013, and is as well moving day for me.

I've packed, I've organized, and it all comes down to this final day. Now that all the commotion is over, I'm deciding to take a brief break to search online for more room inspiration, as well as share some cool sites, as well as room plans!