Tuesday, January 28, 2014

AM J Fashion Countdown: Putumayo!

Putumayo in Kera Magazine
Model: Akira (She will be at Anime Matsuri this year for Alice and the Pirates)

Hello Dollies!~

The definition of the popular Japanese loli brand Putumayo is lolita with an edge, and the brand will soon be coming to Houston, Texas for the Anime Matsuri Convention's J Fashion Show!
For those who don't know, Know, Putumayo has been featured in Popteen as well as Kera Magazine various times!

For those who can't wait, let's check out some of what Putumayo has to offer!^^

When visiting their shop site, this is the first outfit that caught my eye. I really love the cute uniformal like design, and love the nice touches of lace, and how the navy blue stripes are incorporated throughout the outfit, all the way to the katyusha! The outfit is appears to be very detailed, has a well thought out design, and  Each item is sold separately, and can be brought at a Putumayo store in Japan, or one of their global store dealers. The Sugar Sugar Lee Sailor striped jumper comes in four beautiful colors, and measurement is
Length 55cm Shoulder 38cm Bust 86cm ~ Sleeve 61cm. 

This next outfit is very school girl with a twist and is part of their Spring Collection!  I love the way they incorporated the plaid skirt and scarlet colored ribbon. One thing that's a major obsession with me this season is over-sized sweaters, and I love the Trump Cardigan in black! Again, this is just a coord, so all items are sold separately. The measurements of the Trump Cardigan is Length 66cmShoulder 39.5cm Bust 92cm ~Sleeve 63cm. Get yours before they run out!^^

The next style is quite tomboyish and would be in my opinion, perfect for those who love to dress dansou style!
With the loose fitting pants, black military boots, choker, and hat, I love the  male edgy feel it creates, (even though I don't think it would suit me >///<)!

Another part of the outfit that's my favorite is the Crest Stripe Long Cardigan^^
Again dolls, this item is sold separately, and the measurements for the cardigan is
 Length 74cm Shoulder 37cm Bust 98cm ~ 66cm !
Very Nice^^

Well, that's just some of what Putumayo has to offer! If you want to see more of Putumayo, the site is listed below :)

Putumayo's Designer is Hasegawa-San, and he will be attending Anime Matsuri's J Fashion Show Friday, March 14 at the George R. Brown Convention Center!^^

Come out and support Hasegawa-San, as he showcases his designs to Houston, Tx Lolita and J fashion fans!

For more information about the J fashion show time and exact location, go to Anime Matsuri's official website for details^^

This is all for this article, and as always, thanks for reading!

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This is Sakurai Minako, hope to see you at Anime Matsuri Convention in Houston, Tx and remember to stay beautiful and stylish <3

Putumayo's Official Website!^^

PUTUMAYO / Putomayo