Monday, January 6, 2014

Are You a RONI Girl?

Hello Dollies~

Are you a Roni Girl at heart? I sure am, even though I'm too old to be one!

RONI is a popular JS Fashion brand among young elementary school aged girls in Japan, and is known for it's cute and edgy style. The brand has been featured/worn in many children's shows by fashion forward young pop idols. One of the shows in which the brand has collaborated with various times, was TV Tokyo's Pretty Rhythm Series.


Many of Japanese female fashion forward youths try to keep on top of trends, and to me, are more into fashion than most children in the world.  Want to take a look into these young one's world of fashion? Let's be Roni Girls and see what's in style today!

Kawaii!~  So cute, she looks exactly like a little Jenny Fashion Doll! This outfit sort of reminds me a little of something that I'd see at a MA*RS store. Overall, I love how they incorporated the pink and black combonation.  The shoes are really cute, and makes her look mature for her age.

It's all about the neon! I like how they added the cute hat and high top sneakers.

Cute, and very mature! I just love the pink and black combo, and the outfit overall makes her look like she's a proud member of Prizmmy

Very sweet and hime like^^ I love the pink and white combo and the outfit gives off a GAL like feel.

Teenage girl? Nope, still elementary aged. This outfit is cute, and a little more mature.

CoCona-chan, Kawaii!~
She's so cute, but I do think the fishnets is a little too much for someone her age to be wearing...

All girls above were models. Do Japanese parents find these styles kawaii/ suitable for their children to wear?

Let's see actual snaps taken of real girls at a Roni shop in Japan....

Overall, the outfits are a tad toned down a bit, but still boarder lines too mature for their age.

Since the Japanese tend to focus on all things cute, innocent, and youthful, this would be considered okay for children to wear, while those outside of Japan would consider these outfits innapropiate for children to be wearing.

So dolls, which side are you on? Would you allow your child to wear such outfits shown above, or do you think they're innopropiate? Comment below, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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As always, lots of love, and stay beautiful and stylish,

Sakurai Minako <3