Saturday, January 18, 2014

Cutie An Sui Romms

Hello Dollies!~

Sorry for posting so late, this week was finals week, so I had so much studying to do these past few days.
Anyways, now that I've finished cramming, I have three free days to do what I do best--post tons of articles for your enjoyment!^^

Since moving into my new place one of the things that keeps rolling on my mind is interior design, and what better way to keep myself pumped and motivated for my big GAL room transformation than looking at some kawaii rooms?

One of my favorite sources other than the internet are magazines, and one out of the many magazines I love is CUTiE!

Cutie, is a Japanese fashion magazine who usually focuses on women's fashion, but I've found a sp issue that shows some of the cutest bedrooms that was published in 2007.

Ever since I was younger, I've always gravitated towards the color pink, so I'm a total girly girl at heart and love all thinks frilly and pink^^

Below are some of my favorite pages from the issue^^

Well, there's some of my favorite rooms, and each have their own uniqueness!

For those whom are still on the look out for some inspiration for your own room, I hoped this helped you a tad on your journey, and good luck to you^^