Thursday, January 2, 2014

GAL Room Idea Pt.2

Ohayo, Dollies!

Today is December 31st, which marks the last day of 2013, and is as well moving day for me.

I've packed, I've organized, and it all comes down to this final day. Now that all the commotion is over, I'm deciding to take a brief break to search online for more room inspiration, as well as share some cool sites, as well as room plans!

To refresh your memory, the room theme I've chosen to do was a Liz Lisa Hime inspired bedroom, by incorporating feminine, girly, and all things dainty and cute.

After choosing my bedroom set, as well as checking my room deminsions. Things are seeming to go well :)

Zarollina Collection @ Ashley Furniture

Zarollina Collection Vanity

As for room decor, their are many diy resources out there for hime style decor. One of the many youtube videos in which I love is the Hime Wall Mirror diy tutorial which takes very little money to do and the outcome is very kawaii^^


For paint, I've chosen to paint three walls in Disney Princess's Blushing Pink: All that Glitters from Glidden @ Wal-Mart, and for the back wall, Disney's Perfect Princess Wallpaper found on in light Pink!

Blushing Pink^^

Perfect Princess Wall Paper!

After painting, I plan to invest in some of my favorite shoujo anime,  jpop, or kpop group posters to display neatly. The key to posters to not make your room look too cheap or junkie is to limit posters to at least five.  Since my room is Liz Lisa style, I've chosen  some of Tanamura Arina's manga since it's very feminine, girly, and pretty art style to display, as well as manga from other series!

Sakura Hime Manga

Sakura Hime Manga

Himekei Doll Manga

Kitchen Princess

Mina Tip: Another cool idea is to blow up some pages from your favorite shoujo manga to display on a canvus or frame!

For music groups they're many options to choose from. Personally, I mainly lean toward JPop, KPop, and Visual Kei to incorporate. 


These are just some to give you an idea ;)

Other fun things!

The following things below are other staples that will be apart of my room!

Pink Temptation bedding in light pink!

My Melody Plushies! <3

Ring Light- for blog Photoshoots

Picture of Hello Kitty Storage Case
For storage in Closet

Hello Kitty Magazine Rack
Magazine Rack for neat Magazine Display
Picture of Hello Kitty Air Freshener (Peach)
Air Freshner 

Picture of Hello Kitty Area Rug: Plush Rose
Hello Kitty Rose Area Rug

Hello Kitty Folding Table

Pink Shelfing for Books/DVD/ plushie display

Pink Chandelier

Purse Display Shelf

Princess Curtains in Pink

Okay dollies, unfortunately this is the end of my break and I'll have to begin unpacking!^^

Thanks so much for reading this article, I hope it was helpful for you. Remember, if you have any comments/ questions that you'd like to leave, please do so below.

That's all for now, see you next time, and feel free to follow/add me on Kakao Talk, Google+, facebook, and Shin Weibo^^

As they say in Japan, バイバイ!
Bai Bai, and stay lovely <3