Friday, January 3, 2014


Hello Dollies!~

Since I've had to go through many facial peels, I've haven't gotten the chance to dress GAL lately (since it requires tons of make up) and have been dressing ulzzang :) but that doesn't mean I don't have a GAL heart and have GAL spirit!

In the past two years, it's been a long road, and after look at resource after resource I still have a little ways to go, but with the help of GAL VIP magazine, I have all that I need to help me improve!

GAL VIP is an online Gaijian GAL magazine published in English, whom caters mostly to the GAL community outside of Japan, who don't have as much resources as their Japanese counterparts.

Just like EGG, Ageha, or Popteen, GAL VIP has tutorials, interesting articles, and all the latest news happening in the GAL community^^

Below is just some of what the magazine has in store ;)

My Rolemodel and Friend Crystal^^ Hi Crystal~!
Coords, and where to buy^^

Another Rolemodel and Friend Lolo! Hi Lo^^

Some of the mag's virtual models^^

GAL REVO is the new thing for 2014, and many GALs are being quite vocal about it, thanks to GAL VIP and GAL POP TV this year will be the mark of the GAL Revolution!

For more information, be sure to like GAL VIP Magazine, and to read every issue of GV this year!

What makes a GAL unique is her spirit and her unique style. Let's keep the GAL Style alive <3

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Remember to stay beautiful!

<3 International Baby Doll