Thursday, January 2, 2014

Grad Style 2014: Diable

The new face of Japannese Pop and youth culture is the Japanese school girl. Japanese school uniforms, once only used for school purposes are now being worn on runways/ worn by various jpop idols, and even in the streets in Shibuya during Summer Vacay and weekends when school is out!

The School girl style is popular among college girls, teens, and fashion concious elementary and middle school students.

In Japan, March is an important time for all school students, since this time marks the end of the school year, and the beginning of Summer; but before the trendy school girls attend their graduation ceremonies, they make sure they do so in style!

Japanese Girls and Tween clothing brands make sure to cater to these young fashionistas by putting their own twist on the traditional school uniform. Diable, one of the many brands, is very popular among Japanese tween girls, and is even featured in the Tokyo Top Kids Collection fashion show for kids each and every year!

What does Diable have in store for this year? Let's check out what's in stores now on Girl's Market!

This Uni coord is very adorable! With it's traditional, yet trendy boys meets girl style by adding shorts instead of a skirt is pure genius. BTW, love the tie <3

Of course you can never go wrong with plaid! This uniform is playing it safe, but still has that dia-ably cute twist by adding the cute shoes, and thigh highs. Good job Diable;)

Getting preppy, arn't we? I love how they added the blue shoes to as well as the thigh highs to make the outfit pop! The hair bow is totes Ah-diable!

Well, that's just some of what Diable has to offer!

For more, be sure to check back for more releases/ updates, and all the information needed to give you some inspiration for your own school uni to strut!

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