Thursday, January 2, 2014

Grad Style 2014: Earth Magic

Hello Dollies^^

Of course, you always save the best for last, therefore I've chosen to cover my favorite fashion brand EARTH MAGIC last!

Right next to RONI, Earth Magic comes in number two on the list to being the most popular tween brand among girls in Japan, and is used in various music videos, catalogs, and is also in TTKC every year!

The definition of Earth Magic is Edgy, sophisticated, and the ultimate GAL brand for tweens!
Let's see what Magic Earth Magic has in store for the class of 2014!

Edgy meets aristocrat style, I love how they added the garter like thigh highs/ gold buttons to make it pop! Kawaii~

For those who go for the classy feminine style, Earth Magic has the perf uni for you! With the cute ruffle skirt and removable blazer, you'll automatically be #1 on your class student ranking list ;)

That's all for Earth Magic!!

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