Monday, January 6, 2014

Into the Cray World of Oshare!

Hello Dollies!

Like the new site IBD? I sure do, it totally fits the sort of style I'm going for^^

Anyways, most of the time I usually tend to dress Ulzzang/ GAL style, and mostly adore the others from afar. One of the many other styles I love is Oshare-kei.

"EH?! What's that Minako-chan?! I've never heard of it!"

Okay, okay, chill! For those whom don't know, I'll explain....

Offset of Visual-kei, Oshare fashion tends to have bright and more fun colors, (sort of like American punk, just better), and many Visual pop idols practice the style.

Even though I don't dress this style, I am an avid fan of some Oshare bands. Two out of many are AnCafe, and SuG.

What attracted me to An Cafe was their upbeat and catchy songs and lyrics. There lead singer is also pretty cool as well ;)
 Some songs I'd recommend for JRock and Visual fans to listen to are "Smile Ichiban ni Onna,"  "Amazing Blue," and Roman ~precious love!

Btw, is it just me, or does Miku remind you a little of Otani from the manga Love Com (Lovely Complex)?

Personality wise, they so do! I mean, look at them!

Another favorite band of mine is SuG! I love their cool fashion style, it really suits them, and love their music^^
After listening to AnCafe, you have to check out these songs, ViViVi, Scheat, and Alterna

My favorite member is Takeru! His hair is really cool^^


In Japan, you'll most likely find many GALs in Shibuya and Ikebakuro. For those whom are looking for those with a more quirky and unique way of dressing is the well known district of Harajuku!  Fans of Oshare bands dress various styles, but those whom are hardcore try to follow the latest trends in the oshare world. They're many fashion magazines who cater to this crowd in Japan, like KERA, and Shoxx!

So what's hot in the Oshare-kei world now? Let's check out some fun street shots taken from Tokyo Streets ;)

Harajuku Sisters in Colorful Fashion
Mizuho and Yurika

Taken December 10th, sisters Mizuho and Yurika are showcasing their unique style in Harajuku streets. With Mizuho's style being loud, and Yurika's style being pastel and pretty. Out of the two, I'd choose to wear Yurika's outfit since its cute, and closer to what I'd wear.

Colorful Oversized Sweater

Minami showcases her well thought out, mixmatched, thrify sense of style!

DecoLa Hopping Suiya
Decola Hopping Singer Suiya

Suiya poses with the popular V sign on the Harajuku streets in Shibuya.  I like how she used pink, blue, and purple throughout her coord. creating balance.

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Remember to stay stylish and beautiful, Sakurai Minako <3