Sunday, January 12, 2014

Japanese GAL Brand Shows Girls of Color Some Love!

Hello Dollies!~

After being a fan of Japanese fashion for five years, one of the things I've noticed was that most Japanese Brands don't have models of any other ethnicity or cultural background.
Having representation in such a diverse community is vital, especially since there are even foreigners who are beginning to follow the GAL fashion trend.

What I've found pretty interesting in fascinating was the Japanese GAL brand, Baby Shoop.
Baby Shoop is a b-Gal brand who's main concept is BLACK FOR LIFE= Black Forever, and is located in Shibuya 109!

Finally Black GALs are represented and are acknowledged by the Japanese GAL community, I'm so happy T.T

Here's some of what I found when visiting their home page!

YES THIS IS A JAPANESE BRAND! I love this dress, it's very cute, and I'd love to wear it during the Spring time or Summer months!

This dress is so cute! I love the way they incorporated the African Prints!

Last year in May, during the famous TTKC in Harajuku, Baby Shoop held a runway audition for regular children to take the runway wearing baby's fashions. Here are some of  the b-gal cuties that passed through.

I love how baby incorporated the cheetah print on the skirt to compliment the simple, but cute oversized shirt in black to balance out the outfit. The pop factor of surprise is the red elements: the red sneakers and purse, kawaii!~

Okay, anyone who knows me well enough knows that I just love zebra print and pink, and this outfit is so cute!~

Mikemi-chan is the winner of the competition last year and is currently a model for the Baby shoop children's line. I love her hair!

Oh I wish I lived in Japan, I'd totally shop there if I lived near 109...

Well I can shop through Rakuten and Tenso, so I can't just end this article with out showing you what's in stores now, right?

For a limited time, BABY are selling 2014 Lucky Bags to help you look stylish for the rest of the year 24/7!
A must have, I'm totally saving up for it ^^


The set includes the

  • hoodie set
  • blanket
  • the tote


For the young b-gals to be, here is the original dolman sleeve from the Precious Girl Collection from Baby Shoop.  For now, the price is 3,990 yen, plus tax

So there you have it GALs, you are finally represented in the GAL fashion world!

This is Sakurai Minako, this ends the article, and remember to stay black, stylish, and of course beautiful!

DSK 2013