Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Let's Go Cosplay Shopping!~

Hello Dollies!~

With the Anime Matsuri Convention coming up in two months, there's so much preparation to do, and very little time U.U

The best part about preparing for Anime Conventions is picking out which outfit your want to sport, or who you want to go as, but the problem is that I never really decided if I should cosplay or not.

There is only one solution for this....

To ask all of you dolls, which outfit you think would suit me the most!

My plan so far is the either go as:

A) Akiba Idol

So many options, so much little time. Below are some outfits I'm currently looking at:


I like the cute, but rather edgy style to this dress (and the price ;) and is perfect for loli or Punk/ rock kind of look (which I would like to go for)

If I purchase this dress, I'd choose Red.

Reminds me of something AKB48 would wear, I love this outfit since it gives off that idol type of vibe.


The classic school uniform! If purchased, I will plan to invest in some loose socks and loafers to dress like the original JK GAL (kogal)!
Time to break out the nails and lashes!

 Those are the outfit choices so far that can actually fit my budget, now it's time for descisions!

Which one do you think I should wear?

Comment below outfit A, B, or C!