Monday, January 27, 2014

Liz Lisa

Hello Dollies!~

One of my favorite GAL brands are Liz Lisa. What I like most about Liz Lisa is that they take the feminine lolita like style and make it more GAL! Right now on Shibuya 109's online shop, they are having a major beginning of the year winter fashion sale, and prices are marked. Here's some of what Liz Lisa has to offer to make you look totally adorbs for the remaining part of the Winter!^^

【LIZ LISA】グレンチェックジャンスカ(LIZ LISA(リズリサ))

It's beige, cutesy, new, and on sale! This feminine one piece mid thigh length dress is a classic and adorable must have! Overall quality is very well sewn and made and is made to last! Normally sold at 8, 295 yen ($80.17 USD), it's price is now 4,147 yen ($40.08 USD)! With the baby pink version of this little number sold out, you must go get yours before they all run out! This item is only sold in free size measurements
Waist 60cm Length 81 ~ 85cm shoulder straps Total length (Go back body) 66cm Hip 100cm Total length of the skirt skirt hem 51cm width 67cm.

メルヘンOP(LIZ LISA(リズリサ))

Already sold out in both pink and white, the Fairy Tale Op thigh length dress is only available in light brown. This outfit really showcases Liz Lisa's hime like style, and runs now at 4,095 yen ($39.58 USD), awesome deal and is so kawaii! A really good buy^^
This is only in free size in measurements Length 63.5cm Shoulder 33cm Sleeve 24.5cm hem width 203cm cuff 26cm waist 62cm (rubber rise)

[LIZ LISA] Phuoc Le Jacquard Dress (LIZ LISA (Rizurisa))

This outfit really seems english inspired to me, and I really love the dusty rose pink!^^
I've never purchased any Liz Lisa products, but the outfit seems very detailed, well sewn, and just completely adorable! This outfit, like most of Liz Lisa's products are free sized. The measurements are
Length 75cm Bust 80cm Sleeve 60cm Shoulder width 34.5cm hem width 71cm
Formally sold for 8,295 yen ($80.17 USD), it's now being sold for 4,095 yen ($39.58 USD)!

Even though Liz Lisa is quite pricey, their sales are rather decent, and a total bang for your buck, and I hope to invest in some of their clothes one day, (once I find a good online shopping service).

So that's just some of what's on sale at Liz Lisa's online shop, and there's so much more variety, so check them out!

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This is Sakurai Minako, and as always, stay beautiful and stylish!