Saturday, January 11, 2014

Nail Seals: A Japanese School Girl's Best Friend!

Hello Dollies!~

One of the most popular nail trends going on in Japan are nail seals. Nail seals are very popular among Japanese school girls, mostly because they are so easy to remove (some schools don't allow girls to wear nail polish in Japan). With the popular increasing trend of J Deco Nails on the rise, young high school girls turn to nail seals to make their nails look just as pretty as their mums, older sisters, or favorite idol or fashion model.

With this trend already active in the United States, this style can be easily duplicated and is the perfect option for those whom attend private schools and can't do their nails as much as they would like.

Here are some adorable designs on Japanese market, and online now!

Show off your otaku pride and sport these cute designs made especially for Sailor Moon's 20th anniversary! The seals are well detailed and perfect for your next anime club meeting or anime con.  Moon Prism Power!

From Sha-Nail Pro, these nails would match perfectly with a kawaii summer yukata! Just apply a top coat after, and you're ready to go!

I love this cute mickey/ minnie seal! It's very detailed, and cute as well. A must have for any disney fan!

Show some love for Vocaloid 01, Hatsune Miku next time she pays you a visit for a concert. C-ute!

One Piece design is sure to be a crowd pleaser at any anime convention!

So you see, there are a wide variety of nail seals for you to choose from, you just have to choose which one you like to sport!

Well dollies, this is the end of this article!

Be sure to keep on the look out for up coming articles on nail art, as well as other popular trends in the Asian alternative fashion world.

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