Saturday, January 25, 2014

Pet Peeve: Unfinished Manga Series

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Okay, I admit--I was the Anime Club president two years running at my old school, so clearly I'm a geek with wonderful fashion sense!^^

One of my pet peeves as an avid manga reader is when mangakas of series I read suddenly decides not to finish writing the story:(

A perfect example of this is Wataru Mizukami's For-Eyed Prince...

Four-Eyed Prince centers around young Satchiko, a love struck high school girl who seeks the attention from her upperclassman, Masuda. Confessing one's feelings and being rejected by your crush truly sucks, but life gets worse for Satchi when she comes home to find out that she has a new step brother-- her crush Masuda!
After getting to know Masuda more, Satchi finds a hidden side to him...

Reading, as well as investing in volumes two and three of FEP, I've enjoyed every single moment of reading the manga, and commend Mizukami-san on her flowly artwork which complemented the story perfectly.
The only thing I wish would be if Del Ray Manga would complete each series they decide to publish under their name for North America, but of course this isn't the only time they did this.

I hope Del Ray in the future takes this to heart next time, since there are other readers like myself who are disappointed in the fact that we read and even invested in a series like this one, just only to find out that they never completed it, and having us all try to figure out, "what about this character?"

If this series was completed, I'd recommend it to any girl who loves the classic Shoujo Manga love story, or Marmalade Boy fans, but unfortunately will not.
Since the story lacks continuation I give it a four star rating.

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