Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Magical World of BABY^^

Misako-San will model for BTSSB on Friday @ AM's J Fashion Show

Hello Dollies, Happy Wednesday!~

As you all may know, I'll be attending the Anime Matsuri Convention in March for the J Fashion Show on Friday, and I continue to count down to that day^^

While yesterday I posted about the Gothic Loli Brand Putumayo, today I'm going to post about the most popular and well known Lolita brand know throughout the worldwide loli-community---


BTSSB (Baby, the Stars Shine Bright), grants every girls wish of becoming a princess instantly through their designs, as well as feel like one. Kano-San's designs are the picture of feminenity as well as help the wearer of the garment to achieve doll like beauty!

Kano-San's designs that are in stores for us now, are very pretty, and are perfect for those whom wants to live a real life fairy tale <3

Here's what BTSSB has in stores now^^

137★313 Rainbow Prism ♪ Stripe Dress
Rainbow Prism Stripes Dress

The BTSSB Rainbow Prism Stripe Dress gives off the classic antique doll look, and is perfect for your next lolita tea party. The dress comes in three pretty colors: Pink, Saxe Blue, and Blue, and measurements are provided below.
Length: 94 cm ( 37.01 inch )
Shoulder: 34 cm ( 13.39 inch )
Bust: 92 cm ( 36.22 inch )
Waist: 73 cm ( 28.74 inch )
Length of sleeves: 26 cm ( 10.24 inch )
This outfit costs $268.00 USD

137★329 Dot Chiffon Onepiece Dress

For those who are still not confident enough to go all out, this little number is simple, yet very doll like for you to still achieve the loli look. Coming in colors
☆Ivory x Ivory lace 
☆Pink x Pink lace 
☆Mint green x Ivory lace 
☆Navy x Ivory lace 
☆Black x Black lace

This short many dress goes for much more than the previous dress. The Dot Chiffon One Piece Dress is priced at $292.00 USD, and measurements are

Length: 89 cm ( 35.04 inch )
Shoulder: 33 cm ( 12.99 inch )
Bust: 90 cm ( 35.43 inch )
Waist: 87 cm ( 34.25 inch )
Length of sleeves: 65 cm ( 25.59 inch )

137★267 Sweet Kuma Kumya's Sweet Chocolate Scallop Jumper Skirt


Out of all dresses this is my favorite, mostly due to the cute pattern and color combination. Great job Kano-San!^^

Without even buying, I can tell that the outfit is very detailed and intricate, and was made with tons of love!^^
Sweet Kuma Kumya's Sweet Chocolate Scalloped Jumper is priced at $280.00 USD, and measurements are:
Length: 92 cm ( 36.22 inch )
Bust: 89 ~ 99 cm ( 35.04 ~ 38.98 inch )
Waist: 70 ~ 80 cm ( 27.56 ~ 31.50 inch ) 

That's just some of what BTSSB has to offer. For more, please visit their official english site located at the bottom of this post, or make Kano-San really happy by giving her, as well as Lolita models Aya-San, Misako-San, and Midori-San your support by attending AM's J Fashion Show!^^

 Fortunately, BTSSB has made it easier for those in the United States, and has a store location in San Francisco, CA! For those who want to pay them a visit, the address is provided below.

Address/ Contact Information

  • 1746 Post Street 2F
    San Francisco, CA 94115
  • Email:
  • Phone: 415.525.8686

Website: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright San Francisco

This ends today's post, and as always thanks for reading!^^
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For now, goodbye dollies, and I hope to see you soon in the next article!^^