Saturday, January 18, 2014

Where Have All the Gyaru-oh Gone?

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Unfortunately towards the end of 2013, GAL fashion was beginning to become more mainstream in the Japanese fashion world, therefore styles began toning down, and GAL mags once recognized by both the Japanese and Gaijian GAL community began showcasing this new "GAL", look while others, like the B and Kuro GAL mag Soul Sister, ceased it's publication.

So far these changes have thrown the Gaijian GAL community into a tizzy and most are very saddened by this new outlook on the GAL fashion style, mostly due to their wrong protrayal by NHK World's Kawaii International's GAL Episode.

While the new mainstream GAL is on the rise in Japanese society, their counterpart, the Gyaru-oh is on the decline in both the Japanese and Gaijian communities.

Compared to the earlier years, the Gyaru-oh style has toned down their dress style and is more of what I would consider either American Casual, or Host style.

Men's Egg Youth 2009 Issue
The new Gyaru-oh 2013

While comparing the two covers of the popularly circulated gyaru-oh mag Men's Egg, notice how the hair is toned down, and the clothing more americanized. This style is now on trend in the Japanese gyaru-oh world and there are many who are making the switch.

Even the two GAL and Gyaru-oh meccas Shibuya 109 and 109-2 shops are changing their clothing designs to cater to the new crowd. 

Below are some of what some Gyaru-oh brands are marketing as of now on the 109-2 site.  


One of the winter gyaru-oh trends is knits and xfrm is following that by adding the black and white sweater and black jeans.

Murder Liscense

Murder Liscence's Takumi is sporting a grey military style jacket and blue-grey washout jeans. To me, this is one of my favorite outfits, but is more suited for a Military or mature type gyaru-oh.


Okay, I love this outfit, and really suits Kei-kun (model) well. The jacket is what makes it pop and the combat boots are a great addition to the coord! I think his hair is cool too^^

As for the gyaru-oh style all together, it's not what it was three years ago, and the only one's I've found whom are actually still practicing the original style are the Adult type (mainly hosts).

Overall to me, the definition of a GAL and Gyaru-oh is an individual whom isn't afraid of standing out from the rest of society and carries themselves the way they want to. They don't care what mainstream society thinks and still continues to express themselves in the ways they like to. 
GALs and Gyaru-oh's are unique wholly because of that alone, and without them standing out and living their lives the way they do, I believe they wouldn't really be considered a subculture, they'd just be like everyone else--and that certainly isn't fun.

To preserve the original gal and gyaru-oh styles, the Gaijian communities are becoming very vocal and has dedicated 2014 to GAL REVO to stick to their guns and to not give up the important parts of their lives. 

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