Thursday, February 20, 2014

109 Net Shop Vs. YES STYLE: MA*RS

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One of my favorite places to look (and one day hopefully shop), is Shibuya 109 net shop. For those whom are avid followers of Japanese GAL fashion, you may already know of the popular shopping complex in which many foreign GALs pilgrimage to when visiting Japan.

Shibuya 109 is what many GALs think of when visiting Shibuya since it's the shopping mecha for all things GAL. Brands such as Cecil McBee, GARULA, MA*RS, Liz Lisa, and Honey Bunch have shops within this mall, as well as items sold online at the 109 net shop.

Since I've never really done an article on Agejo fashion, I'm going to dedicate this article completely to the popular mega Agejo brand, MA*RS.

Just earlier last year, MA*RS became available to purchase through popular Asian fashion site YES STYLE, and prices are quite exspensive for US and Canadian GALS.  If possible, would it be better to purchase MA*RS products, from the American Asian company YES STYLE, or Shibuya 109 net shop through a shopping service.
Today, I'll compare the prices from American to Japanese to show you which company will give you a better deal for your money.


Petal Trim Layer Camasole Top (front)

This item was offered on both 109 and YS. I love how the top is very flowy and the pink is very pretty and adds a feminine touch. This product online is offered in both sites in black, pink, and white. The camisole is made out of 100% polyester, and goes for $68 USD on YS, and 5,985 yen on 109. 
Yes, yen does seem more so exspensive to many Westerners whom are unfamiliar of Japanese currency, but when converting the price of the cami to American dollars, you'd only spend $58.68 USD on 109. So by choosing the best shopping service possible, that's a good deal opposed to spending at YES

Stripped Tule Skirt 

This outfit is very cute, but is sold in separates. In this post I'll just focus on the Striped skirt alone. This skirt is made with 100% polyester as well as the lining.  On YES STYLE, the skirt is priced at $74.20 USD. Will it be more cheaper on 109?

Shockingly in Japan, it's priced at only $30.25 USD. SO. MUCH. CHEAPER!

So I prove my case, 109 net shop is way more reasonable than purchasing from YES STYLE since pricing is lower.

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