Monday, February 10, 2014

A Magazine for Mama: I Love Mama

Hello Dollies!~

One of the most popular alternative fashion styles in Japan is GAL fashion. At first, GAL fashion and lifestyle broke the norm as well as went against Japanese Society, their meaning of beauty as well as the role of a woman. This caused the Japanese to look down upon the style and was therefore described as a form of rebelling by many. Now in 2014, the style is beginning to take a drastic turn, and is becoming more main stream. The Gal Epidemic is now followed by a more wide spread audience and magazines are beginning to cater to the "NEO GAL," the new generation of GALs in both the Japanese and Foreign field.

There are many types of GAL substyles whom many follow, however when really is the cut off date? When really is the age to "give up" being a GAL?

  While few turn in the towel before thirty, there are many of whom who still practice the style---even after childbirth, and marriage!

Yes, the GAL MaMa is on the rise, and while speaking to one of my friends in Japan, she said it is becoming more and more common!

Within the GAL magazine genre, there's one publication who caters to these special women. I LOVE mama is a magazine marketed to GALs whom have children of their own, and the models featured in each issue have children "Chibiko" themselves, some even married, and are often featured with their children.

GAL MaMa and her Chibiko on Cover

Since most of it's readers are GAL mothers, the magazine offers fashion, parenting, and housekeeping tips and advice. Below are some of what is found in an regular issue of I LOVE mama^^

MaMa and her Baby Coords

Hair Tutorials

Make Up tutorials--My Fav


Street Snaps

 Happy GAL Marriage (SP)

What a beautiful dress change! 

Happy tears

Bringing this to a Happy End, this is just the tip of the iceberg of what I LOVE mama has in each issue (excluding the marriage)! To get your own copy, you can order online, or if your lucky, find one at your local Little Tokyo/ China town!^^

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This is Sakurai Minako, and as always, Stay beautiful and Stylish!^^