Sunday, February 2, 2014

Banana Chips

Hello Dollies,

Live your life in luxury everyday by wearing Banana Chips^^

Banachi is Japan's TOP JS Fashion (elementary school aged girls) brand and has been apart of the widely advertised Tokyo Top Kids Collection fashion show for over three years!

The brand concept of Banachi is to have one live a life of royalty and luxury just by simply wearing their clothes. In design, the outfits are quite mature compared to what you'd see in a western girls clothing brands like Justice, and is more similar to what would be sold in various Shibuya 109 stores (GAL Brands) or agejo.

Below is the clip from 2012's Banana Chip Fashion Show in Shanghai~


I love how each and every design is never the same and follows the same fashion trends in the GAL fashion world <3

Since we only have five more weeks until Winter is over, let's look at some of what's on sale on Girl's Market as well as what's in store for Spring!

Let's Start!~

What's on Sale?

One valuable shopping rule I follow is to shop smart and always look for the sales first, then what's featured now so I can get the most bang for my buck and wind up saving tons of money ;)
The best times to shop are towards the end of seasons. At this time stores are transitioning and are trying to get rid of left over stock, so what better way to do this than have a huge sale?

Right now, Banachips is having one stupid EOS  sale and there are many cute items up for grabs! (If you can afford it that is...)

Banana Chips Belt and Shorts

These shorts put the Hot in hot pants! Overall the shorts appear to be very well made as well as designed.
How much are these going for now? These shorts are shockingly going for 14,490 yen, which is $140.93 in American Dollars ) and are now sold out 0.0

Banana Chips Remake Style Dress

Okay, this outfit is supposed to imitate American skater or grunge style and is made to look like two articles of clothing and is one piece. Personally, I'm not too crazy about this one and actually this is the first outfit I've seen that I just didn't really like from Banachi :( For those whom are into the more American Casual style, I guess it would suit you, but I think Banana Chips should stick to more glam coords.

This is sold at 11, 214 yen, which is worth $109. 06 USD.   

Alright Banachi, you've bounced back! I love this cute little hat and believe it's perf for Fall and Winter <3
The hat appears to be well made and is designed well with a child in mind. This hat is sold in only medium and large, and goes for the price of 8,064 yen, which is $78.43 USD.

....only the hat...

Okay, that's just some of what's marked for Banana Chips, here's some of what's out now for the Spring Collection!^^

Bustier Style Flare Dress

Kawaii!~ This was the first dress that caught my eye, in the Junior's section (still elementary school aged). Overall, I love the simplistic design concept as well as the color selection, and the dress appears to be made to last. Personally I believe the dress is a little too mature for an elementary school girl to wear, but still cute :)

This little flare dress is priced at 10,080 yen ($98.04 USD)

Denim Print Chiffon Dress

Sakurai Minako <3
This is the Banana Chip Denim Print Chiffon Dress made in the popular high-low style design. Overall the dress is very cute, and is age appropiate!^^
This dress goes for 18,690 yen ($181.77 USD)

That's just some of what's in stores now, for the latest updates on what's popular in the JS Fashion, Pop culture, and Entertainment world, become a member of International Baby Doll/ add me on Google+ so you'll never miss a beat on what's hot, and what's not in Japan!^^

This is Sakurai Minako, and as always, stay beautiful and Stylish!