Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Geo Lenses, Friend or Foe?

Hello everyone, this is Minnie!~

One of the many staples of any alternative fashion style rather it'd be shironouri, GAL, or Ulzzang, contact lenses are considered a must! Even though I personally don't wear lenses for my makeup looks or styles, I still enjoy sometimes looking online at the many kawaii lenses that are out there.

Below, here are some of my favorite circle lense!^^

I really like this lense mostly since it could be worn with more natural styles, as well as alternative looks such as GAL.  The grey to me is very pretty!^^


I am a very big fan of both Sanrio and Hello Kitty, so when finding these circle lenses, I was so happy!^^
Even though the design is quite different/ creative, I like how once put in the eyes, they blend better with your natural eye colour.


This cir lense gives off a more Japanese anime/ manga feel. With it's more bold color, this lense would be perfect for cosplay, GAL, or maybe even Shironouri <3


For a more dolly, ulzzang, or GAL look these blue lenses are perfect!^^ I love how they can be used for various styles, and are perfect for those whom want to change their eye colour.

All lenses shown above are from Candy Lens online shop, and hopefully (once I get the okay from the eye doctor) start to invest in some lenses from there <3

Some of my favorite geo lense lines are Princess MiMi, Barbie Eyes,

While these geo lenses give off the bigger eye effect in an instant, there are also dangers to look out for,  and are not recommended for everybody. Below is a warning of some of the possibilities to what could happen if worn, as well as why they could be dangerous.

If wearing geo lenses, I'd recommend not to wear them all day, and if they cause any irratation to your eyes, to remove them immediately!

This has made me wonder how safe they are....

Have you ever worn geo lenses before? Do they irritate or cause your eyes to blood shock?

If so, share with us and comment below! I'd love to hear your feedback:)

This is Sakurai Minako bringing an end to this article, and as always, Stay Beautiful and Stylish <3