Saturday, February 1, 2014

Getting Ready 4 Spring: Ulzzang Style!

Hello Dollies!~

ulzzang (52) Animated Gif on Giphy

For the past few weeks, Houston has been quite unusually cold, even to the point of school cancellation, so mostly I've been cooped up in mi casa, and was glad to finally get out today to get some fresh air, (it was 70 degrees here today, YAY!)^^

After the truck load of tests I'd had to take today for Spanish and U.S Modern History, my mum and I decided to take a little retail therapy and go shopping today as well as explore our new town (since we've moved two weeks ago!)

Since I was too lazy to dress GAL today, I decided to go for a more Ulzzang look, as well as share with you dolls my day^^

Today's Coord!~^^

For Spring, bright and fun pastel colors are in this year, and what could be better to get you into the Spring mood than to wear your favorite Baby Doll Blouse and pink and lace satchel?
This blouse I've found last year at Stein Mart, and is made by Style brand, priced at $55 USD, and is very flowly, airy, and a perfect alternative to those who can't yet afford Liz Lisa clothes.  This blouse in the summer I pair with a beige pleated skort to make it appear as a lolita like dress, or if I want to dress it down like I did today, I paired it with the simple Wal-Mart jegging in navy blue!

While scanning MAXX's many racks, one of their featured outfits were so cute, that I had to try it on!

The outfit consists of a plain black overall shorts and a chiffon fabric textured, daisy top with a gold exposed zipper in the back.  To me, this outfit screamed ulzzang style, and is very loose fitted and comfortable to wear.  Unfortunately, the top was $16 and the bottoms were $12 so my Mum invested only in the bottoms... (since I spent over $55 of allowance on my cosplay outfit for Anime Matsuri Convention last night)

So I'll find something to wear out of my two closets!^^

Now that I've accomplished some of my shopping for the Spring, let's go straight to the make up!

My inspiration for my mostly natural make today was from various kpop artist's make up.  
KPop artists have very flawless and light skin appearance, and make up is rarely done heavy, some not even using blush. 
To help me achieve five minute flawless skin, I've applied Fit Me's 355 stick foundation on my dark spots, then balanced it out using E.L.F's  HD powder and tone corrector. 
Today's make up was mostly eye focused and required no use of shadow, lenses (since I cannot wear them), and only liner!

Taking Europe's #1 Beauty Brand's Essence's waterproof liquid eyeliner, I began drawing from the corner of my upper lid and gradually made the line thicker to the point of making an dramatic cat eye at the end. Since I wasn't satisfied with just doing this, I've continued using the liquid liner to line the bottom of my eyes and stopped in the middle, to switch to a more silver like liner to continue  to the tear duct. 

After you've completed this, apply a nude or flesh color matte lip color, then dab a bit of Rimmel's 3D gloss (or whatever brand you use) in pink to give your lips an innocent and pouty look.

Now you're done!

That's all I've captured for today!^^ (since phone unexpectedly died)

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This is Sakurai Minako,

and as always, stay beautiful and stylish! <3