Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Himekaji GAL Guide: How to Get the Look Without Paying the Hime Price

Hello Dollies!~

One of my favorite fashion styles is Himekaji. Himekaji is an offset of Hime Gal, and is less dramatic and out there compared to the other styles (excluding onee). I like Himekaji style mostly because of the soft and feminine colors and frilly, lace designs, and I also like that I can go out in public without getting stared at too much.

While ordering from various sites such as Taobao, after shipping and handling fees, pricing becomes more so exspensive, especially when shipping to the United States!

Since Hime Kaji style is more so easier to imitate compared to Hime, here are some trust worthy stores where you can find similar clothing to still give you that obvious princess style look.

Forever 21 is a hit or miss depending on the season's collection, but there were always times when I've scored some reasonable outfits that in my opinion would be considered himekaji style.

Plain, yes, but if paired correctly with the right accessories, and on point make up, this dress wouldn't look bad at all. The whole point of being a GAL is expressing yourself and showing your creativity, so use your imagination and let it run wild!^^

Rompers are also very cute, as well as popular in Himekaji. Notice the floral print? This would also be suitable.

This dress was sold for only $16 dollars at XXL so prices are fairly reasonable if you go at the right time.

Depending on the collection, Charlotte Russe is also a good option to keep in mind, especially for accessories! Usually they tend to have large accessory sales, as well as for clothes, so keep a look out!

Take a look at the dusty rose coord to the far left, very himekaji suitable and would look even more so better paired with the right shoes and accessories.

Another place that I always love to tell my other GAL friends to check out is Love Culture. At my old mall, Love Culture never failed me and always had something similar to what I was looking for.

The prices are very cheap, and the store itself is so adorb, it looks similar to a 109 shop in appearance!^^

These are all of my favorite and most reccommended shops to go to for Hime Kaji. All shops are fairly reasonable both online as well as in store, and will give you more for your money.

To make your shopping experience more so cheaper, follow my tips to make you a smart shopper!

Minnie's Tips!^^

  • Before going to the store, I always check online for coupons, as well as current sales/ promotions. Some stores don't advertise openly their specials, so be sure to search for/ print a coupon before hitting the mall, to knock down the prices!
  • Ask/ apply for their Rewards/ Email program. They are free, plus will help you earn points for deep discounts on your next purchase!^^

This is Sakurai Minako, ending this article, and as always stay beautiful and stylish!