Monday, February 17, 2014

Kawaii Room Inspiration

Hello Dollies, and welcome to Kawaii Korner!~

This week's Kawaii Korner is all about kawaii rooms!^^  
I love interior designing, especially bedrooms, and one of my favorite past times is searching online for inspiration. As for my room project, things are still underway, and I won't be recieving my new bedroom set until Early April-May (bedroom set shown below).  

My bedroom set!

My vanity

Painting starts soon, and colors are already selected, so I can't wait to share with all of you my Liz Lisa Bedroom Tour once it's fully finished! XD

Right now, here is what my room looks like as of now....

Yes, it's pretty barren, but just looking at it just makes my imagination run wild! There's so many possibilities to as of what could be done. Here are some kawaii rooms/decor that gives me inspiration <3

Obviously, this isn't an actual bedroom, and appears to be a store display, but I love how they incorporated the pastel colors and bows.

One of the characters I wanted to some how incorporate in my room is My Melody. I love my melody, and since Sanrio My Melody collaborated with Liz Lisa not long ago, I think she's perfect to have. 

Thanks to a friend, I now have a chandilier for both my walk in closet as well as room! I want my closet to have a boutique like feel, and this is the perfect element to help achieve that!^^
 photo _zps801a9224.jpg

This was my inspiration, now the bedding's mine <3 
Ordering can be quite pricey, but you can find it by searching "Korean princess bedrooms"
What I love most about this set is the lace and light pink combo. I think is very cute and princess like^^

That's all that really inspires me for my room, here's some more kawaii rooms!

Sailor Moon bedroom 2000

In middle school, one of my obcessions was Sailor Moon, and at that time, I really wanted a Sailor Moon Bedroom set, but the items were really hard to find! :( 
I was really sad that this was was sold, since it was the cutest one and it was Pink!^^

The new Precure room at Toei Hotel in Japan is so kawaii!~

So floral and pretty! This room is a perfect Liz Lisa or Lolita style bedroom!

Those are all of my favorite rooms! Hopefully some of them gave you some inspiration for your own room as well!

Bringing the end to this article, this is Sakurai Minako, and as always

Stay Beautiful and Stylish!^^