Monday, February 24, 2014

Minnie's Kawaii Korner: Japanese School Uniforms

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This week, I'm going to cover one of the most popular fashion trends among teenage girls in Japan--- School Uniforms!

Dating back many years ago, Japan's girl's uniforms were inspired by the british low ranking navy sailor uniform, while boys uniforms were modeled after the high ranking british soldier. While these uniforms were once made to be worn just for school, and expressed no individuality, now these outfits are becoming more popular to wear outside of school by young Japanese girls, otaku, jpop idols, and even Japanese culture enthusists over seas.
Japanese Teens After School wearing a Sailor Fuku

How did the uniform become so popular?

With Anime, as well as popular culture becoming one of the main exposures to Japanese culture for those over seas, this has become the most major motivation as well as desire for those outside of Japan to sport school uniforms to anime cons, or to make part of their day to day wardrobe. Inside the cosplay world, this is one common costume worn by many to various group meets or anime conventions.

Lucky Star Cosplay

 In the fashion world, many designers are beginning to put a twist to the traditional wear by adding more bright and fun colors as well as accessories.  One popular clothing brand dedicated to Uniform wear, Lucy Pop, is worn by many Japanese pop idols, and fans love gaining the access to their favorite idol's outfit!^^

Japanese Kawaii Fashion LucyPop

Popular Japanese Pop Group AKB48

Japanese kogal fashion back in the 90's and early 2000's was surrounded by the Japanese uniform, and are still worn today by some gals.

Kogal sporting a Japanese Uniform

While many outside of Japan assume that all schools have uniforms in Nihon, in reality that's not the case. Some public schools don't require their students to wear uniforms to school. For those whom don't have to wear uniforms everyday, but still want the school girl look, they usually go to uniform shops such as Lucy Pop, Fancy Pocket, or Rocco Nails to invest in the clothes nessesary.


Actual Japanese Uniforms are not all glitz and glamour, actually, their pretty generic and have to be worn in a certain way. Like all schools, dress codes are also enforced, some schools not even allowing girls to wear make up or short skirts during school hours.

Shibuya Junior and Senior High School's School Uniform

The best time to get creative with school uni's in Japan would be after school hours, or even weekends.  Here are some shots below of some of my favorite uniforms!^^

Japanese Loose Socks School Girls

Mickey Mouse Sweatshirt & Plaid Uniform Skirt in Harajuku

Shibuya Schoolgirls in Uniform

Thanks to Tokyo, these are my favorite coords. With this, this brings the end of this article, and I hope to see you again next week in my Kawaii Korner!

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