Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Shibuya 109 89% Price Mark Down!~

Hey GALs!,

With only a few weeks of winter left, this is the best oppurtunity for you to start racking up on some notable GAL brands before the sale is gone!

Shibuya 109 is having a major sale with 89% Mark Downs, including stores such as Liz Lisa, Honey Bunch, Ank Rouge, and much more!^^

In this post, I'm going to show you what Shibuya 109 has in stores now on sale, as well as some of my favorite outfits.

So let's get started!^^

シャギーフリースフード付ブルゾン*12/18特集**12/25特集*(GOLDS infinity(ゴールズインフィニティー))
GOLDS infinity Shaggy Fleece Hooded Blouson

Keep warm  the remaining winter, and the next to come with Golds Infinity's Shaggy Fleece Hooded Blouson! This product only comes in a medium, (size four in American Size or small) and is available in Mocha, Black, Beige, and Leopard! This hooded blouson appears to be quite soft, comfy, and stylish. Perfect for any snow bunny looking for some warmth.  Keep hands warm by shoving them in the pockets provided. The price for this Blouson was 7,245 Yen ( $70.91 USD), and now is 3,990 Yen ($39.05 USD). Great deal, so snag yours before they're all gone! ;)


Now it's time to Shoop baby, shoop! Pictured above is the popular b GAL brand, Baby Shoop's Color Block Dolman TOP. This comes in one size, and is available in Grey, Black, and White. This top is supposed to fit your body loosely, therefore, if you are a size Sx, this will work out for you perfectly.
Once priced as 5,880 yen ($57.55 USD) it is now going for the price of 3,990 Yen ($39.05USD)!


Snuggle up with popular GAL brand's GARULA's Special feature Hood W Button Coat. The coat comes in both staple colors Beige and Black to compliment all of your everyday coordinates.  Again, this is available only in Japanese medium size (size 4 depending on brand). Formerly at 8,925 yen ($87.35 USD), it is now at 5,250 yen ($ 51.38 USD)! Super cheap Gals, and nice quality for the money.


Out of all the other pieces, this one is my favorite! From Agejo brand MA*RS, this Tweed Black Ribbon Change One Piece is so cute!  It's only free sized, and is avilable in white only, but I still am won over by the cute bow in the back!



Kawaii! XD

This one piece is priced at only 4,935 yen, ($48.33 USD)! For MA*RS, that's very, very cheap^^

That's just some of what's on sale. To see a more wider selection, please visit Shibuya 109 net shop!

Now It's time for Minnie's Shopping tips!

  • Most Japanese clothes come in only free sized. This is usually a size small to medium depending on brand, so be sure to check the exact measurements before purchasing.
  • There may be a slight delay due to snow, depending on where you reside, so don't expect your parcel to come in a week or two. 
  • From my knowledge, 109 net shop does not ship outside of the United States, so a shopping service is required in order to purchase. 
  • Only Japanese currency is displayed on the site, so I'd suggest to open another tab to convert the prices. 

With that, this brings this article to an end. To get more updates on the latest sales, as well as trends in the Japanese fashion world, follow my official social network accounts/ become apart of my world by becoming a member!^^

This is Sakurai Minako, and as always, Stay beautiful and stylish!^^