Friday, February 7, 2014

Ulzzang Winter Wonderland!^^

Hello Dollies, and Happy Friday!

Bundle Up! ;)

With the opening ceremony in Sochi, this marks the end of the sixth week! Only five more weeks of Winter to go, then Spring will finally come and flowers will bloom!

The snow outside just may be frightful, but by copying these popular trending styles in the Ulzzang fashion community, I'm sure you'll look quite delightful for the remaining snow days!

So, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! These are some popular trends in the Ulzzang fashion world this year^^

kawaii (2294) Animated Gif on Giphy

Animal Jackets

Okay, I've been wanting one of these for quite some time now (about five months now)? One of the popular trends that's been going on for quite awhile is animal jackets/ ponchos/ or coats. While looking and searching online, there are many shops whom sell similar items for reasonable prices. The lowest price I've found was $9.63 USD on EBay (shown below), but it is among many others that in my opinion, are made cuter and plus comes in more sizes other than size 0!^^

This is the cheapest one I've found so far for only $16.99 USD and is available in size M-L YAY!^^

For those whom are avid followers of K fashion, this is a must have as well as staple for all Ulzzangs--an OVER-SIZED sweater! Over sized sweaters arn't just majorly comfortable, but also make you look smaller and is a great edition to your favorite skinny jean! This was found on Ebay under "Korean Fashion Women's Clothing"

Another staple accessory to add to your coord are some cute  square framed glasses! Most Asain teens claim that these give off the appearance of having a smaller face. Trying this when the Hello Kitty one's first came out, I believe it all depends on your face shape. For those with a more oval shaped face, this will work perfectly, however for those with a more round or square shape, try bringing some of your hair to the front before wearing the glasses (if bangs, results will work better for you) to give you this allusion!

Peter Pan Coller is very popular trend right now in Korean, Japanese, and even American fashion!

Places to Shop Online

For those whom are sticklers to shopping Asian brands only, here are some reliable wholesale sites that won't make you go broke and will help you to get more for your money ;)

  •  Wholesale it Online
  • ASU Jewelry (accessories)
  • Wholesale020

For US Shoppers

For those whom just don't want to pay shipping fees, a great option is to look online at some of your favorite

Coords online, then try to invest in similar articles of clothing. One thing that most Ulzzangs, and even GALs say in the foreign community is that those who don't invest in Japanese/ Korean brands and are more creative are more well respected! That's right, you can still be Ulzzang while spending very little money.
Facts are, unfortunately shops or brands that cater to the Asian market, sell mostly items that run in one size or free sized only. By experience, even though I'm a size four in American size and am 5'5'' tall (165 centimeters tall)  after purchasing some items that were "free sized," were either too short in sleeves, too short, or too tight! For those who are more than an 32B in bust size, are considered really tall, free size/ S-M will not work for you in Asian clothing sizing. For length and room, you will need a Large.  So maybe shopping at shops such as Liz Lisa will not be possible for you to do, so finding replicas will be better option.

 Here are some of my favorite places  to shop right at my local mall!

Forever 21!

Those are just some stores I like. You may even have them at your local shopping arcade or mall! So before shutting out all other shops except for Japanese and Korean stores, give these a chance before doing so!^^

This is all for  for Ulzzang Winter Wondeland, and I hope your last few weeks of winter are fun, school free, and stylish!

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This is Sakurai Minako, and as always, stay beautiful and stylish! <3