Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Visual Kei Band Fave of the Week: D


This is Minnie, and welcome to Favorite Visual Band of the week!^^

This week's favorite band is D.
Who exactly is D? Read on, and I'll tell you!~

D, also known as Night of the Children is a Japanese Visual Kei band consisting of main vocalist Asagi,  Ruiza, Hide-Zou, Tsunehito, and Hiroki. Being active since of 2003, the band was made from past members of the Matina band Syndrome, the last to be represented under Matina label. In 2008, they have been signed with the widely popular Avex Trax, but are now under Y Yard.  This Japanese Visual Kei band  I've been recently really getting  into since last month, and have been favoriting each one of my favorite songs. What I like most about D is their catchy lyrics, and upbeat songs that just gives me the urge to just get up and dance.

The top most constantly listened to songs on my playlist has to be from D.

What songs I'd recommend?

1.) Der Konig Dunkelheit- very dark and cool

2.) Snow White- more softer feel, but doesn't loose it's edge

I'm so sad that I've discovered them quite late in the game, mostly because that they held a live concert at A-Kon in Dallas a few years back. Hopefully Anime Matsuri, decides to book them for next year....

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