Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Minnie!

Hello everyone, this is Minako!^^

With Spring coming in, my blog has been gaining more and more views each and every day!
I would like to think both my friends/ followers in the United States, Malaysia, and Suomi for giving me the wonderful support thus far, and I hope that you all continue to support me in the future :)

During the Spring and Summer months, I will be covering even more exciting things, as well as more trends, and of course, my You Tube Channel will be launched!^^

The site as well has a brand new fresh and fun look, that I have come to love, and is more easier to read, as well as navigate. Instead of the original name, International Baby Doll, I've changed the name to "the Wonderful World of Minnie"!

Here is some of what to look forward to this Spring and Summer!

  • Anime Matsuri Insider- This year, I will be attending one of the United States largest Anime and Japanese culture conventions located in Houston, Tx on Friday, March 16th for the BTSSB x Alice and the Pirates, and Putumayo fashion show. There will be many special guests attending, including some of Japan's popular lolita and dansou models. I'll also be paying a visit to the convention's Maid Cafe and, (hopefully if they allow me to videotape) will try to interview one of the maids/ butlers. This will also be a follower/fan meet as well. For more information on the fan meet, comment below.
Anime Matsuri Guests (J-Fashion Show)

  • Sakurai Minako Channel- This will be my official You Tube channel, which I'll post product reviews, language lessons, make up tutorials, as well as vlogs/ hauls. If you represent a company and want me to review your clothes, cosmetics, wigs, etc. , please go to the contact me tab and follow the instructions. 
  • Liz Lisa Room Updates- This will take place in both blog and vlog format, and will basically show my Liz Lisa bedroom project from beginning to end!

  • Undercover GAL/ Ulzzang- After doing this last Spring and Summer, I will do it again! I'm going undercover once again to some common shops in the mall to find some American GAL worthy stores, and to help you find some reasonable deals this upcoming season!^^

That's just some of what I have in store for you. If you want to find out more, become a member or add me to your circles, so you can get updates, for what's to come!~

This is Sakurai Minako, and Welcome to my Wonderful World! <3

Minako "Minnie" Sakurai