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Anime Matsuri 2014

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Hello everyone, this is Minnie!~

Spring Break was very fun and exciting, especially while attending Anime Matsuri 2014. Anime Matsuri is a Houston based Japanese culture and Anime convention, and is one of the most largest in the North American Convention circuit.

Throughout the whole weekend, there were many special and fun events in which I took pictures of, as well as met some very important people in the Lolita fashion world!^^

So in this post, I'm going to share, as well as unveil a special surprise photo for all of you to see!^^


The Inspiration from my outfit is Liz Lisa Style. Surprisingly, I got alot of questions if my purse was Liz, but it's actually just Betsy Johnson!^^

On Friday, I arrived at AM around three-ish, and was shocked to see the long long line for tickets! The wait for both my parents and I was about two hours, however while waiting, I got a chance to meet some of my GAL friends of whom I've never actually met off line before, as well as some followers from my blog, so I was happy :)

Some Manbas  I met from Dallas while in line!^^ Their makeup was so on point!

Also, there were many nice lolitas from both Houston and Dallas, whom I talked to briefly while in line. Here are a few of my favorite coords <3

I really loved her outfit, especially the kawaii little bear ear hat!^^ 

What I love about this loli's dress is  the cute little pattern and lace petticoat!^^  The outfit overall looks something similar to Angellic Pretty. I love her bonnet too and the embellishments were just adorable.

After obtaining the badges, there was little time than originally planned to walk around since my sister, Britaney (gbritaney), was going to be in the fashion show. So while my Mum and Dad waited in line, a GAL friend of mine and I searched for a quick place to grab something to eat (since the Maid Cafe didn't serve actual food and in our opinion was overpriced).

After grabbing some Chinese Food in the Dealers room, and heading back upstairs for the fashion show, I ran into the well known GAL Crystal Ezeoke!^^ Since we've never actually met offline, we greeted eachother with a hug, and took some quick photos.

In order: Me, Antasia, Crystal Ezeoke. Everyone's shocked: You're so tall, lol!

After taking the photo, Tasia and I had to rush to the General Assembaly Hall, since my parents called and wanted us to quickly get there. Surprisingly, my friends, family, and I only was allowed in to the J Fashion Show rehearsal! XD

Unfortunately, I couldn't take any photos of the rehearsal, but  Tasia and I were happy to see AKIRA-san, as well as Misako-san :) 
Akira walked our way, and made direct eye contact and smiled at us. "Wow, Reika's very nice," Tasia said. "That's not Reika, that's Akira," I wispered back. I was right-- the tail gave it away :)

Me during  the rehearsal

Since it was everyone's first time actually working together on stage, they had to run through the show a couple of times, as well as work on a few scenes of the show, but once the cameras began rolling, and the audience filed in, all models and performers were ready to give it their all. 

The show's about to start! XD

This year's J Fashion show at Anime Matsuri is the most largest and well detailed.  The fashion show was like a real life fairy tale coming to life in front of your eyes, and was about a young princess, who's father wouldn't allow her to leave her room in the castle, and therefore escaped her normal life through her dreams.  Each brand, played vital roles in the story of these fictional characters, and was played out well. 

My sister and her friend You tube Celeb Kyle Landry played the panio and violin for Alice and the Pirates, as well as BABY. 

My favorite part of the show was the Alice and the Pirates skit. The actors and models were very believeable and did a wonderful job. Akira was also featured in this skit. 

Unfortunately, the lighting was very bright in the background for photos, so for replacement I recorded the Alice scene in three parts as well as Putumayo (unfortunately I couldn't get BABY due to full SD card).

After the fashion show, Tasia and I wanted to hit the Dealers Room, but unfortunately by the time the fashion show was over with, it was closed T.T

My Mum and Dad was tired so we called it a day...

Kawaii graphics

After countless begging and pleading, my parents allowed me to come back for another day of fun! 
Originally after the fashion show the night before, Tasia and I wanted to meet Akira-san, but we couldn't so we were bummed. So I was on a mission that day to do two things: to meet Akira-san, buy my first lolita outfit, and meet Luci Christain and Caitlin Glass! 

Once arriving at the George R. Brown, the escalators were not running, so due to my Mum's leg problems, we took the elevator.  Finally when reaching the top floor, coming to find out, the schedule I had was yesterday's so Akira was not in the panel room :(

Since that idea was an epic failure, Mum and I headed back to the elevators by the Hilton sky bridge.  The area was pretty much dead at the time, and right before I pressed the down button, I saw in the corner of my eye, two familiar figures both dressed in lolita. Yes, heading from the hotel in my direction was both Akira and Misako together!^^

Once they gotten closer, I decided to speak to them breifly,  and pretty much treated them like normal people. Thank goodness I speak Japanese fluently, they both understood me well, and since there was no one else around, we talked for a while. 

When calling out to them, they both stopped, and we all greeted each other. Since I'm aware of Japanese culture, I didn't want to touch them and make them feel uncomfortable, so I bowed, but surprisingly, Misako reached out and grabbed my hand and held it for awhile while talking to me. Akira shook my hand as well hugged me, and complimented my outfit :)
After speaking for a little while, Akira asked (of course this is a translation for you since she cannot speak fluent english):  "Will you be attending the Lolita Panel today?" My response in Japanese was, "There's a Panel? When? Where?" Akira responded, "In a few minutes. We're heading there now, so please follow us."  Question: If KERA model AKIRA asked you to follow her, what would you do? 

In order: Misako-San, Akira-san heading for the Panel

So I tried the best possible, but Mum couldn't keep up so I let them go and just waited in line with some other lolis for the panel. 

When going in, I scored some great seats in the third row towards the end directly across from Akira-san!^^
Once Akira sat down, I waved friendly at her, to get her attention and she waved back!^^

Misako-San from BABY

I got great photos of Misako-san, but Akira was more difficult since she moved--quite a bit, lol!^^
Both girls though, were very down to Earth, and it meant alot to me that Misako and Akira liked my outfit and makeup for that day, (since I just recently started dressing lolita).

Misako-san, Translator cat-san, and BABY Designer answering my Question

Akira-san looking around at audience

After the panel was finished, that was going to be the last time I see Misako and Akira, so I said goodbye to the two, and Akira said goodbye back :)

ATTENTION DISACODE FANS: If all goes well planned for next year, Akira promised to bring Disacode with her next time. Hopefully all will work out, Akira-san!^^ 
According to her Ameblo, she really enjoyed her stay in Houston, so there's probably a big chance she'll be a returning guest next year.

Photos from her visit to the Houston Aquarium!


Misako-san and Akira-san

Oh, no don't get eaten! lol


The next stop was the Dealer's Room!^^
I've been admiring lolita fashion for many years now, so I was glad to finally go shopping for my first coord!^^

Daddy, I want a BABY car once I get my liscense!

I can use it for loads of photo shoots XD

After bee lining to the BABY shop and seeing the exspensive dresses that I could probably never afford, I headed over to Putumayo to give them a chance. The store clerks were very nice, and I loved their outfits!^^ I was so happy to find the sailor set that I l reviewed online in my Putumayo post a few months ago, and purchased the jacket for $112 USD. Like the spoiled little girl I am, I called and begged Daddy for the skirt, but he said no. I am still happy though that I got to meet some more lolis from my local Lolita community :)

Thanks for the help Putumayo girls, you're awesome!^^

This experience overall was amazing for me, and I'm very glad that my parents gained a better understanding of lolita fashion, as well as how much it means to me. My goal for next year is to apply to model for the J fashion show, as well as buy a ticket for the tea party. Please support me on my future endeavors!^^

By the end of the con, I was able to make many new friends, as well as met many of my readers <3

For my readers I've met, thank you for coming out, and please keep supporting me '^' 

All good things must come to an end, I will truly look forward to next year's Anime Matsuri for more fun.

This is Sakurai Minako, bringing this post to an end, and for more information on the latest trends  in the Japanese entertainment, pop culture, and fashion world, follow my social network accounts below, and become part of my world, the Wonderful World of Minnie!^^

Until the next post, stay beautiful and stylish!^^

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