Saturday, March 8, 2014

Happy Spring Break!^^

Hello everyone, this is Minnie, and happy Spring Break!~

This weekend for me was rather nice, and since Anime Matsuri Convention kicks off this upcoming Friday, I'm counting down the days, as well as continuing to practice my GAL make up to keep on point!^^

Anime Matsuri will be my first Anime Convention, so I'm very pumped to experience it as well as meet some of you on Friday the 14th.

The meet up time will be at 1 o'clock P.M at AM's Maid Cafe, so I can't wait to get to chat with some of you all as well as enjoy some Japanese snacks.

For those whom will be at the meet up, please dress your best, since the meet will be video taped and posted on You Tube as well as on my blog^^

On the countdown to the 14th, I'll be posting my coords as well as makeup attempts up until the final day, as well as video vlogs (yes, I finally upgraded to a better phone!)

This Friday, I finally got to go back to my med spa to get my level two peel, as well as facial. It was very nice, on the account that I've haven't gotten a chance to go back as frequently as I used to (every other week) when I used to live in the area.

For the first few days I won't be able to wear makeup (due to peel), but will just post coords on those days :)

I'll be getting full coverage for Friday's con, so for those of you whom live outside of the states, or cannot make it, can still see all the fun!

There will be some very important guests in the fashion world that will be attending, some of whom I look up to as models and artists (Midori-chan, Akira-chan), so it'll be a big surprise to finally see them in person.

Now that the date and time is set, there is a little change of plans of what I'm going to wear.

The uniform posted in my last article, couldn't be ordered due to the company's website errors, so I was in a rush this week to find a fast replacement that would come on time.

Instead of going for the classic kogal look this year, I decided to go for a more Sweet/ Himekaji GAL look and ordered the outfit shown below. I like that the dress is very versatile and can be worn for both my Ulzzang and GAL looks.

Obviously, I purchased the dress from the Little Chili Shop. I like this shop mostly because it has a more wider selection size wise. Since I'm quite tall for my age, I usually have to go a size up so the dress won't be too short.

The estimated delivery time will be on the 12th, so if all goes well  as planned, I'll do a review on my purchased dress. From what I see online, the dress appears to be made quite well, and lately I've haven't seen any red flags, or horror stories from other consumers about them, so I'm sure, my parcel will be delivered on time.

Well, as of now, that's all, and I hope to see you in the next article!^^

For the latest updates on Anime Matsuri, follow me on  my official social network accounts posted below.

Bye, bye for now, and as always, Stay Beautiful and Stylish!^^