Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Spring up With ANAP GIRL!

Hello everyone, this is Minnie!^^

This Spring pop colors and patterns are in in the JS Fashion world in Japan, and ANAP GIRL is taking great advantage of this trend in their Spring 2014 collection. With a once American shop located in California, ANAP just happens to be one of the most popular brands among teenage girls to young adults, and is even featured in some well known fashion magazines!

In 2013, ANAP released a brand especially for juniors (elementary school-middle school aged). ANAP GIRL took the stage for the first time in the annual Tokyo Top Kids Collection wowed the audience with their designs. So what's in stores now for ANAP GIRL? In this post I'm going to show you some of my favorite coords, pieces, as well as current promotions ANAP is offering to their customers. 

Let's go shopping!

Cute, sporty, and urban, the ANAP Building Print Tunic is perfect for any girl who's always on the go, or b gal types. This tunic is offered in the bold color selection of Red, blue, and black, and is available in sizes Small and extra small Japanese size. 
The item is priced now at 3,465 yen. For those whom are not familiar with the Japanese currency system, I know it looks like alot, but in reality, it is fairly reasonable. 3,465 yen is only $34.03 USD, and of course if ordering from outside of Japan, customs and international shipping fees may apply. 

Get preppy by wearing this cute letterman inspired jacket! This can be paired easily with ANAP's skirts, or sweatpants for a more down to earth look.  The Sporty Blouson comes in colors, black, red, and blue and is available in sizes small and extra small only. Add this baby to the shopping cart for only 4,515 yen ($44.34 USD)! More reasonable than you thought, right?

This shirt gathers nicely at the waist to show off your figure in a nice, but not trashy, or too mature way. Since it's fairly short, ANAP suggests to pair it with some shorts, or leggings. For me personally, I like it better with the leggings, especially the black and pink combo-- PERFECT!
Obviously, this top is available in yellow, purple, and black, and is only made in small and extra small.

That's just some of what ANAP has out now for Spring. For those whom are still in Elementary school or middle, check out Girl's Market for even more coord ideas, as well as in more depth details about TTKC 2014, and other promos.

Right now if you spend over 5,000 yen ($49.11 USD) on your order, you get a special edition ANAP tote, so get yours right away :)

That's all for today's Spring fashion update on JS Fashion. For more updates on what's on trend in the Japanese fashion world, become apart of my world by joining my blog, follow me on instagram @minakosakurai, or my other official accounts below!^^