Sunday, March 9, 2014

Stay Beautiful and Stylish: Motivation for new and aspiring non Asian GALS and Ulzzangs

Hello Everyone!

Unlike most of my posts, this one will focus mostly on inner beauty, natural looks, and having more confidence in one's self!

Growing up as a young African American woman, my mother made to become proud of my ethnic background and where I came from by educating me at an early age about African culture. At first when I was younger, my mother only bought me black barbie dolls. To me at that time, I thought it was rather strange that I didn't have any other dolls but black dolls, and wasn't allowed to have dolls that looked different from myself (other than black), but now that I'm older, in a way I kind of understand why she did what she did.

After going to many schools while growing up in both the North and the South, I notice that there are many African American girls who are ashamed of, or do not like to be black.

What motivated me to cover this topic is what happened recently a few days ago.
When watching my friend's daughter, I noticed she was insecure about herself and when asking her why, her response was that thought she was "too dark". 
When hearing things from children like that it makes me feel sympathy for them. 

As an African American Ulzzang and GAL blogger, one of the things I wanted to show others is that anyone could be kawaii, or Ulzzang or GAL to their best ability, even if you don't have fair skin!
To me, there is beauty in every race, so no matter what race you are, or where you originated from, you are beautiful!^^

Even though most models (even ulzzangs) appear to have flawless skin, size zero body, or a skinny waist line, most likely something is photo shopped. To prove my point, I'll show you a retouched photo of myself, and what I actually look like (without makeup and enhancement)!^^

This is me using the photo editing app Photo Wonder. I like photo wonder mostly since it doesn't wash me out and makes me look pale. For this retouch, I didn't do much, but cover up my acne, lightened the photo a tad,  and edited the background. Look pretty flawless, right? Check out the original pic below...

This is me untouched. In this photo, I'm not wearing any makeup, and I did that purposely to show you all, what I look like.  I'm seventeen years old, and have oily skin, so unfortunately I have some occasional breakouts. Even though I'm a fashion and beauty blogger, there are days that I do go out in public without a stitch of makeup on my face (and don't regret doing so), and still feel pretty, as well as comfortable in my skin. 

This shows that anyone (with effort), can be cute. That day I still got equal amount of compliments by people, just as much as I would of gotten if I was wearing makeup.

For those whom are feeling down on their looks, try to have more confidence in your self, and maybe try focusing on your special qualities that make you, YOU!

In the GAL and Ulzzang world, I know myself that there are some pretty mean people that could say some pretty hurtful things (ex: "Non Asian girls can't be Ulzzang", "you're too dark," or common, "Dark skinned girls can't be kawaii,") but my best advice to you is to not play into their words, and to prove them wrong!

Stop watching/ staring at your favorite GALs or Ulzzangs through the computer and start trying for yourself.
The whole fun part of dressing GAL, or any other Asian style is letting your creativity shine, so be creative with your clothes, or makeup. Take PRIDE, in keeping up with yourself (Ex: if you have acne, wash your face more often and drink more water), believe it or not, good and bad keeping shows on how you look as well.

Doing this will not just help you to become more confident in yourself, but will also help you progress in your chosen fashion style.

A saying that is widely popular in my family is, "Pretty is, pretty does".  It means that it's the personality that helps makes one actually pretty. There are many pretty girls in this world, but if that person has an ugly and mean personality, that alone is what makes them ugly.  

If you were looking for a tutorial on how to be a real Ulzzang, or GAL, I've just given you the basics-- be yourself!

Don't think you have to lighten your skin tone, or perm your hair to do these styles :)

As long as your makeup is on point, and are serious about the style, that's all that's important.

You can be beautiful and kawaii too!

In closing, this is Sakurai Minako, and as always

Stay Beautiful and Stylish!^^