Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Beginning GAL Story~

Hello everyone, this is Minnie, and today I'm going to touch on one topic that not many cover as much--beginning GAL fashion as well as the GAL communities (pros and cons) of them, as well as how to survive as a Beginner GAL by sharing my personal story!

When starting GAL

When getting interested in gyaru, I was in the sixth grade (12 years old, and I discovered the style by watching the anime GALs (super gals). Since I was shy I didn't begin attempting the look until the age of 13, and I didn't know about a gaijin commun until later on.

Entering the Community

I thought this was gyaru when I was 13....why?

When discovering the community I was very happy to find other girls as well as guys whom dressed/ loved the fashion style just as much as I did, so my thirteen year old self was eager to introduce myself to the community by just posting a photo stating my name as well as saying how happy I was to find other GALs like myself. A few minutes later however I gotten some unexpected comments that were quite rude from some of the members (i.e "How do you have the nerve to call yourself gyaru?" "You're not gyaru," I can list. One even commenting that I was disrespecting the community for calling myself a GAL.

For someone who was new to the style and wanted to reach out, this discouraged my thirteen year old self. I mean, as is you're probably going to get flack from your friends and others you may know about this fashion style (depending on the substyle you want to dress), but to let you know right now, there are some GALS and even gyaruo (male gyaru) whom get offended since it took time and hard work for them to become established gyaruo and gyaru. So when someone posts a random pic of themselves in the communities (not for critique), labeling themselves "gyaru/gyaruo", some will not be amused, and will literally tell you that you are not gyaru/ gyaruo, sometimes maybe pretty harsh as well. So I recommend that when you do begin dressing GAL and want to become part of the community, DON'T CALL YOURSELF GYARU YET. Probably the best thing to put, "GAL Inspired," or let them know you are just starting. If your a chibi gal (12-13) let them know, most likely they'll go easy on you and will probably be willing to help you improve!^^


Just like in the real world, not everyone will like you and would want to be your friend, so you will probably still get some flack, even the experienced ones  I see get it, but when it does happen, (it will happen), don't pay attention to them/ or do what I did--prove them wrong!

I mean, now I'm seventeen and am a contracted model and actress--I've made a name for myself, so now whenever they comment their rude remarks, I laugh at them because if they didn't like it in the first place, then why would they take the time to comment on my post? For their health? --Just saying. So don't take it to mind and don't let it discourage you.

There are many pros to being part of GAL/ gyaruo communities!^^

  • Make friends
  • learn from others
  • and it's fun, duh!
Just make sure you have tons of confidence, be open to critiquing, and don't let anyone ruin your happy day!

Making GAL Friends!~

At first when first starting I loved manba and kuro, but to me I think mori and hime-kaji style since it's totally me and the look suits my tastes, so now I lean towards those looks more so!^^
Do whatever style that suits your liking, and don't be shy to ask questions, there are many nice gals whom would love to take you under your wing and help you. If it wasn't for +The Lovely Ify ♥ , +LovesYouLolo , and +Cherry Gyaru who knows where I would be! Having great GAL friends as well as role models like them they encouraged me to keep going and to not give up, and you can make GAL friends like them as well, you just have to look ;)

This is my  experience of beginning gyaru and of course I have a  little ways to go, but for those whom are just beginning good luck to you, and I wish you the best to your GAL journey!

This is Sakurai Minako, and as always, stay beautiful and stylish!

Q: If you're an experienced GAL, what advice would you give to beginning GALS?

Comment below, or answer via twitter!